Amorino, Ice Cream Stall, Mitte

When I was a little girl I spent one summer in Egypt and I remember two things vividly; the Pekinese dog my father bought me and the mangoes.

They were smooth and creamy with not even the slightest hint of stinginess. The flesh was a deep orange and sweet but balanced with a prick of sour . I never ate mangoes like that again. They just don’t exist anywhere else.  The only time I found any fruit that bore any resemblance to those fondly remembered Egyptian ones was when Selfridges ran a Bollywood promotion in 2002 (yes, when a mango is that good, I can give you specific dates), they were selling small Alphonso mangoes for close to €5 a pop.  Those came close……and then, I had the mango ice cream at the Amorino stand in front of Galeries Lafayette and I was transported to those dark hot nights as a little girl in Egypt, staying up late and eating mangoes.

I researched the brand a little on the internet.  It’s a chain.  Started by two Italian guys that look like they are in the fashion business rather than the ice cream business.  On their website, they talk about how they only use organic ingredients and traditional methods and the chefs oversee the making of ice cream daily (blah, blah, blah). But with 43 shops in France alone and a further 15 in Europe, I’m pretty sure they’ve got a factory somewhere churning the stuff out.It’s very heavily branded and as part of their differentiation, they use a kind of spatula to mould the ice cream into flowers.  The fanning ice cream requires your full attention because it starts to melt instantaneously.  Currently 3 out of my 5 summer scarves are sporting mango coloured stains.

They could be using an old shoe as a scoop for all I care, it’s that good.  I tell you, if you do one thing this summer, try that mango ice cream!  I’ve also tried stracciatella, passion fruit, banana, grapefruit and chocolate (very full-on that last one, you have to be a committed chocolate fiend to enjoy it.)A medium cone goes for €4 and comes with a branded sheath that covers the bottom half of the cone.

You have to pay for it before you order your ice cream, something the ditzy staff really insist on.  Ah yes, the staff: they are very young and prone to giggling.  Some excel at flower shaping and some don’t.

But forget all that, you are there for the mango ice cream.

Got it?

M-a-n-g-o  i-c-e  c-r-e-a-m

Amorino Stand (Until end of August)
In front of Galeries Lafayette
Corner of Friedrichstrasse & Jägerstrasse

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13 Responses to Amorino, Ice Cream Stall, Mitte

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    I live in Brisbane, Australia, and we get the BEST mangoes here in summer. I can’t eat enough of them when they are in season. If you ever see it, eat a Grom gelato.

  2. Marguerite says:

    I remember getting iceacream in Sainte Maxime as a child at a place where they also did the flower thing.It left me so impressed, I’d go to Amorino only for thus! And re: Mangoes, those from West-Africa, Burkina Faso to be specific, left a similarily vivid memory

  3. Julia says:

    When in SEA, I loved to eat mangos (and lychees!) so ripe they melted on my tongue, an explosion of taste. When I visited the vietnamese market in Marzahn, I was over-delighted to find crates of mangos, just as ripe as I remembered them from my trip. If they do exist here, in Germany, why do they sell these rock-hard mangos with no taste at all in all the supermarkets?

    • Two most dreaded words in food world ‘shelf-life’, I mean what do I care if it will live in my fruit bowl for 3 weeks if it tastes like a sour potato?
      The fruit I had in Vietnam was also incredible. But there I enjoyed things like obscure varieties of pineapple with chilli and salt, mangosteen and surprisingly good dragon fruit.
      So this Marzahn maket…is it here? In Berlin?

  4. Julia says:

    There’s a huge vietnames community in east Berlin and the place I found the ripe mangos seems to be their biggest market:,13.489194&spn=0.019713,0.052314&sll=51.151786,10.415039&sspn=20.730891,53.569336&t=h&z=15

    But don’t expect a food-market only (like in SEA). You can get all kinds of things here, from a plane ticket to Hanoi to fake nails.

  5. SUSANNE says:

    Hi Suzy,

    today I fell over their icecream parlor (*) in Mitte in Oranienburger Strasse 1 and I immediately thought of your MANGO recommendation. And I agree. It is VERY good. I actually spent some of my free during the last couple of days following your recommendations – eating the great BENTO BOX on Danziger Strasse and today, just before I discovered the icecream place – I had cycled to ANGRY chicken to try the spiciest of the chicken wings. P E R F E C T for a fast snack.
    Thanks for all your discoveries and thanks for your lovely blog. And you can be sure I will continue to follow your advice!

    Cheers, Susanne

    (*) They call it an icecream boutique!

    • Hi Susanne! So pleased you agreed with me!
      I went by there the other day and they were out of mango, out of most things actually. I got this ginger bread cookie flavour, I forgot how they named it. Pooey! Not great. I think they do fruit well and also love their stracietella, the chocolate bits melt on your tongue.

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