Sofa in VilanovaI’ve moved to Spain.  Permanently.  (I think)  I’ve been meaning to tell you but I didn’t know what to say because I’m not quite settled.  The past year has seen me (and my 3, now completely exhausted and exhausting children) live in Berlin, London, Berlin, Dubai, Berlin, Amman and now Barcelona.

We are still living in rented accommodation with rented furniture while I hunt around for a house.  The other day I showed up for my 12pm appointment and when I rang the real estate office to ask which shop number they were the woman had the temerity to ask me if I could come back at 1?
“No, I can’t because it’s 12 now and I’m here.”
“Ah ok, then just wait in the cafe next door until 12:45″ was the response.
Well the…I walked over to Engel and Völkers for some good old Teutonic reliability but they didn’t have much in the way of houses so…I just asked my short-term let landlady if this could be more of a long term thing.VilanovaSo what am I doing here?  I’m shaking sand out of every conceivable crevice.  No, the big picture is we thought it would be better for the kids.  To grow up by the sea, learning Spanish and French.

I have to rename this blog.  Suzy Eats is taken.  But I could do Suzy Ate At.  Out with Suzy. Or what about Suzy Has a Screw Loose and Needs to Stop Moving Her Kids or Else Face Monstrous Psychologist Bills in the Future?  Too long, maybe?  What about Curiosity and Satisfaction?  Because this blog is all about me getting a hunger itch and scratching it, usually with good results.

Barcalona fan buying some churrosAnd what about all of you that read Foodie in Berlin because it’s about Food in Berlin?  Well, I hope you stick around to see what the food is like around here.  I will post about Berlin but not as frequently as in the past.  Remember, you really are spoilt for choice with blogs in Berlin.  You have Sylee (Berlinreified) who I have said on countless occasions is the original blogger of Berlin.  Luisa’s Berlin blog (Berlin on a Platter). There is Stil in Berlin, who seem to have taken a decisive move into food blogging.  And finally Paul’s Slow Travel Berlin which is a wonderful portal into everything and everyone Berlin.

In the next weeks, I will be putting up the new blog design thanks to the wonderful Daisy Lumley.  Sorting out the name and cleaning up my archives.  And once I have child care sorted, I will be in Berlin, trying out and writing about everything I’ve missed in the few months I’ve been away.

xx Suzy

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25 Responses to Moved…

  1. cecilia says:

    Barcelona has a warmer ring to it than Berlin! How about ‘Suzy Just Ate It, Sorry Come Back At 1.’ I love new towns, so do you evidently, have fun.. c

  2. molly yeh says:

    wow!! congratulations. that is so exciting. barcelona is such a cool place!!

    i was there for a few days a few years ago and had two amazing meals: paco meralgo ( and la vinateria del call (

    can’t wait to read about more adventures.

  3. Giulia says:

    Yayyy! You’ve always been a crazy woman ;)…but my bags are packed for a visit to a warm European destination by the sea!

  4. Annika says:

    Congratulations! You really did it!
    If my changes of ever hanging out with you in Berlin are ever smaller I’ll stick with seeing you in Jordan – or is your need for a warmer climate satisfied now?
    Very much looking forward to reading more about your new adventures!

    • Yes I did. Can’t say I am going to miss the Mullah with the mega phone either. Sometimes I dream about him at 4 in the morning…but he isn’t singing ‘god is great’ instead he is ‘tworking’ to Siley Mirus no…Milley Sirus
      Ok, going to hell for that one for sure!

  5. ashley says:

    I won’t lie, I am really sad to see you go… but also JEALOUS! Barcelona is amazing and looking forward to lots of great inspiration for our next trip there :) I wish you lots of luck looking for a place to live and finding a new name. Looking forward to the site relaunch!!

  6. MJ says:

    Both deeply sad and so so so excited for you!

  7. Sally says:

    Suzy Has a Screw Loose and Needs to Stop Moving Her Kids or Else Face Monstrous Psychologist Bills in the Future? Love it! I think you are really brave – a little part of me regrets that we have lived in one place all my children’s lives and they only speak English. Recommend reading Family Life by Elizabeth Luard.

  8. Sylee says:

    We miss you! xx

  9. Jill DiGiovanni says:

    Hi Suzy

    Congratulations on finding your new home sweet home in Barcelona. I’ve enjoyed following your blogs, written from so many corners of the world.

    Wishing you all the best for a fabulous future,


    Jill DGiovanni CHEFinBERLIN

    web | social | media

  10. IFeelCook says:

    What a surprise! I found your blog and has been so useful for my holidays in Berlin and now I read that you have moved to my city! I hope you love Barcelona, it’s a cool city and a nice place to live :) (well, I’m not impartial, hehe).
    Next Wednesday you are going to live one of the most important days for Catalonian people, the “Diada”! ;)
    I’m sure you are going to discover great places, restaurants and shops in Barcelona quickly but if you need some help or recommendations don’t hesitate to ask! :)

  11. Don’t worry. Great writers like you will always have followers! Berlin or Barcelona, we’ll just have to change our travel plans ;-)

    • I was hoping someone would say that, makes me feel a lot better. Which I need because although I have readers from the most remote places in the world, Spain doesn’t seem to be one of them!

  12. tolatetodieyoung says:

    I just stumbled into your blog and funny enough, I moved to Berlin last year from Barcelona where I lived for almost 10 years. I was laughing so much about your story with the real estate agent. So classic but things got better there in that sense because of crisis. Better customer service.
    Apart from little things, life quality is really great. And food… amazing… fresh seafood. you will love it!

    good luck to you!

  13. Lavinka says:

    Barcelona, the best city in the whole wide world. lucky you!!!!

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