Eyescream and Friends, Shaved Ice Cream, Barceloneta

Eyescream and friendsFrom the folks behind Happy Pills comes ice cream with a face: Eyescream & Friends.  Shaved ice cream (imported from Taiwan- where they are crazy about the stuff).

Shaved Eyescream & FriendsIf my ice cream didn’t come with eyes, in a cardboard tray with a wooden spoon and two pots of my choice of mix ins what would I think of it?  I would think.  “Meh.  Forgettable.”  But like this, it’s fun.  There is no seating available but across the street it’s all moored sail boats and street performers.  In that context, I enjoyed it.  If you have kids, they are likely to enjoy it even more because these days – it’s all about the packaging for these pint sized people. Mix ins at Eyescream & FriendsThere are 7 flavours, each with their own colourful Avatar and personality: Mango is Bob Mango and wears a rasta hat.   The concept won an award for its identity from Restaurant and Bar Design.  For more on the branding of this shop visit: NOTCOT).

Eyescream and friends
Paseo Joan de Borbo 30
+34 932 215 310

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2 Responses to Eyescream and Friends, Shaved Ice Cream, Barceloneta

  1. AnnaBella says:

    Nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also.

  2. Elfe says:

    Was there last week. Never seen sth like this before. delicious and crazy – good idea!

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