Casa Perris, Bulk Shop, El Born

Casa PerrisBarcelona does this category extremely well. They take something uninspiring, like sacks of grains, pulses, rice – sundries and turn it into “Ooooo! Let’s go to that shop and buy some chocolate buttons or red quinoa.” Every time I’m in the neighborhood I rack my brains for something I need so I can take a visit and peer into the sacks.

They are also incredibly cool to boot.  When I shop with Layla, she is always told to stick out her hand and is plied with more chocolate buttons than she sees in a week.  If you stick a curious hand (and who can resist not poking and prodding at all these marvels?) someone shows up to help you figure out what you ‘need’.Casa Perris, The GoodsAnd they are so natural about it all.  I can’t help but think, the equivalent shop in London would have a wall full of recipe cards for what to do with the strange and wonderful goods on sale.

I love this shop.  I dare you to go into this shop and not come out with 3 kg of stuff that (who are we kidding) you really don’t need.Casa Perris

Casa Perris
Plaça Comercial, 2
El Born

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2 Responses to Casa Perris, Bulk Shop, El Born

  1. Matthew Tempest says:

    Can you get red quinoa in Barcelona at the moment – bit of a drought in Berlin and London.

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