Koy Shunka, Fine Japanese, El Barri Gòtic

Koy ShunkaWhen I ate at Commerc 24, there was a young woman eating alone and taking pictures of her food. A few days later, I came across her on the internet and the internet being the odd tool that it is, we arranged to have lunch first at Federal and then later at Koy Shunka.

She is Vietnamese.  20 years old to my 38, with a budget for lunch that surpasses mine (I wanted the €77 Koy menu while she insisted on the €110 (G)astro one because it included sea urchin)  and an appetite that would make Thackeray blanch. And she eats everything, weird things too – or challenging ones. She polished up the 4 tablespoons of sea urchin interspersed among her tuna and shaved truffle. And didn’t hesitate when I offered her mine.

Goose barnacleWhile I stared glumly at a plate of assorted molluscs, crowned with a single goose barnacle – she began to happily slurp on hers.  Described by Charlie Skelton as smelling “strong as Poseidon’s armpit, but heavenly, like a mermaid’s burp.  ”  Well I don’t know about that?  It was sweet enough but I found it ugly to behold, with its wrinkled neck and beyond disconcerting when its toenail like shell clattered on the plate.

The Gastro menu at Koy Shunka is epic.  Do not embark on this journey unless you have an empty leg into which you can pack the food. We are talking 11 substantial portions. I would have been satisfied with ‘Sashimi in Japan’ on it’s own: a plat of the most beautiful tuna I have ever eaten, interspersed with sea urchin and wearing shaved truffle. By the time I packed away course number 9: Japanese Wagyu beef with brown rice I was having trouble breathing and when I was handed 4 pieces of sushi right after wards I had to put my hands up in defeat. I could not eat another bite.

Estrella shrimpConsider yourself warned.

And now that I’ve dealt with that.  Fantastic place.  Dark and moody when you come in, opening on an enormous kitchen, where chefs busily clatter and cook.  The best tuna I’ve ever eaten.  Having sampled how far this kitchen can take the simulation, next time I will happily order a la carte.  Especially since my young Vietnamese friend has gone back to Boston where she will be finishing her college degree.

Koy Shunka
c/ Copons 7
08002 El Barri Gòtic

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10 Responses to Koy Shunka, Fine Japanese, El Barri Gòtic

  1. i’d probably have retired after 5 courses, wow! My eyes are always larger than my stomach. I’m impressed you even got that far. And your friend? … Oh, to be 20 again.

  2. Cheto says:

    Koy Shunka is just AMAZING. Another great place for a japanese tastings menu is DARUMA (I will shortly post it on my blog)! I love both!

    • Excellent, thanks for the tip. Have you been to that tea house / gallery? I forget the name, it’s down the road from Brunch & Friends but has odd opening hours.

      • Cheto says:

        Hi! Sorry for getting back to uou so late! I guess you mean Cosmo Galería y Café? I have been manyany times, I like it a lot. They have great sandwiches and homemade iced teas! They also own another café, it’s called Cometa, in calle Parliament. It’s smaller but more quiet! Let me know if you try them!

      • No, not Cosmo. Although I know that one. I have to look for the name of the other one.

      • Cheto says:

        Then since we were talking of Japanese places the only one that comes to my mind is Akashi! It’s a Japanese tea room and gallery in the Eixample! It’s nice, but I prefer by far Usagui, another tea room with delicious Japanese sweets!

  3. Oh my God, Suzie, I know it’s a wise decision to start catching up on reading blogs after school ends (the semester was hectic, especially after a longgg break in Barcelona). I did not expected to be “featured” though haha.

    My life after Barcelona is crowded with pizzas and take out, but I can’t wait to start eating real food again! I miss having a friend to talk to through the dishes, and the fresh razor clams …

    • Hi! Nice to hear from you. Yes, it would be nice if you were still around, I need a serious eater with me most days.
      Thank you for the picture. I was taken to a stall in La Boqueria that has the best grade sashimi and from whom a lot of the fancy restaurants buy so if you are ever back and need an instant fix, I know where to take you.

  4. I have a gift for you (yay!), a picture of the best tuna we’ve ever tasted! (https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ld1q7ek7y6k140/IMG_1229.jpg)

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