Cøffee by Nomad Productions, Lab & Shop, El Born

Coffee Bar & CafeIt turns out that, if you look deep deep below the surface, there is something stirring in the Third Wave Coffee corner of Barcelona.  In the past couple of months – 3 places have opened up.  Cøffee Lab & Shop, Skye Coffee (a Citroen coffee truck) and Onna Cafe.  It is a grass-roots renaissance, initiated by people who have a life (I guess) so the hours (as so often happens in Barcelona) are not that favourable to you: punter-that-wants-a-constant-caffeine-fix.
Best coffee I have had to date in BarcelonaCøffee Lab & Shop has got the best ones actually.  Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 3:30 you can find Jordi (of Nomad Productions) making all kinds of magic using a DC/PRO that glows, AeroPress, V60 with Hario Buono pouring kettle, thermometers.  This place is kited out, geeked out.  Honestly, I’m just here for the flat white- I haven’t gone down the coffee anorak route yet.

Most of the other guests are here for something off the menu: “Basic / €10″ – Coffee bag and coffee taste or “Coffee Feast / €20″ 2 Coffee bags and as much coffee as you dare for 2 people.

Jordi with some Square Mile coffeeI ask for a flat white.  Jordi asks if it’s one or two shots I am after?  When I see the size of the cups (5 oz), I ask for one.  Which means I have two cups of coffee.  First a 65% Ethiopian / 35% Brasil blend and then a 20% Guatemala / 80% Brasil blend.  (I have no idea what that means of course but I have the presence of mind to jot it down.)  The second coffee is fruity, it reminds me of blueberries.  They are both divine.

There is no food to be had here, not even sugar to adorn the coffee (but without all the rah-rah blah-blah mission statement that The Barn Roastery has in Berlin).  But my oh my – the coffee.  Worth going out of your way for!

Cøffee Lab & Shop by Nomad Productions
Passatge Sert, 12
08003 El Born
Twitter @nomadcoffeebcn

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One Response to Cøffee by Nomad Productions, Lab & Shop, El Born

  1. Giulia says:

    no sugar? No way I can drink a coffee without sugar ;)

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