My Organic Garden

My organic gardenMy splurge for 2013/2014 was an organic garden. I’ve wanted a working vegetable garden for roughly 20 years but I have always lived in an apartment. Now, encouraged by having 3 children, we finally moved into a house with a garden – clad in Astroturf. Not my choice but as it’s a rental that is how it will remain. A few months ago, I received a flyer from Garden Ambrosia for an organic garden scheme. It pictured a family with broad smiles and misshapen vegetables.

I went for it. A friend of mine derided me openly. “What? You are going to pay someone to do it?”

Courgette and tomatoesYes, I am paying someone to do it. I’ve wastefully blundered through attempts at balcony container gardening for ages. Buying books. Lugging 20 liter bags of soil through the house. Managing only to grow a handful of strawberries (usually picked off by the birds) and some tomatoes with inedible skin.

It turned out the happy family on the brochure belonged to Derwent whom I invited to scope out the garden.  Despite our garden being large, the only suitable sunny spot we could find was the gravel driveway (I had also always dreamed of a gravel driveway arrivals and departures accompanied by a crunch crunch crunch noise). Some of it was sacrificed (reversing into it is now a lip biting experience). As the soil was poor, Derwent set about constructing a raised bed and bringing the soil, the manure and the ah – volcanic ash – to me. He told me that a healthy plant needs 98 elements (or was it 89? Everything went blank when he mentioned the periodic table) and volcanic ash is just the ticket.

Twins admiring the gardenWhen I complained that the slugs were turning my lettuces into green doilies he retorted that bugs taking up to 10% of a crop is fair and that the plants are healthy enough to take it. When the beetroot was ready to harvest, he cautioned me against throwing away the leaves and so we prepared them as the Greeks do, with garlic, olive oil and lemon. It was delicious. We have learned to eat plants nose to tail so to speak – whenever possible.

Yasmine and broccoliPerhaps because I see them grow from seedlings into towering plants. I’ve developed a fondness for them.  I’ve gotten to know them, a relationship has been formed.  I have an enormous amount of respect for my plants.  The world continues to go round and round, people get on, people get off.  We all remain clueless as to why or how.  Still plants stoically go on, doing what they are supposed to do.  It is creation from seemingly nothing and that is amazing and it makes me happy.  Everyday.  In fact, it is the best money I have spent in a long time.  Oh – and I get to eat lots of stuff too!  You haven’t tasted broccoli until you’ve tasted one that has just been cut.  The tomatoes will be ready in a couple of weeks.  Vegetable bounty awaits our house.Organic Garden


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4 Responses to My Organic Garden

  1. Giulia says:

    Yayy! Can’t wait to taste some of your bounty. While I don’t plant my own vegetables (except for tomatoes) – I get my produce from a weekly CSA and have been experimenting with all kinds of things I never would have bought at the store – including beet greens that we cooked last week as you describe above. I also make pesto with carrot greens.

  2. Sylee says:

    What a gorgeous post, Suzy. This makes me so happy in all sorts of ways — for you, and for us to be able to share in it. xx

    • Thank you. Remember when we went to that thing together and they had all those incredible tomatoes? That left such an impression on me. I only have regular tomatoes but I still am looking forward to eating unsprayed, non genetically modified – know exactly where it came from tomatoes.

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