Chök, Doughnuts, Las Ramblas

ChökI have been to Chök a dozen times since I moved to Barcelona. I love their doughnut display: I mean, whatever is the hole there for if not for hooking it up on the wall?

They have a distinctive doughnut.  Extremely light: almost soapy in flavour.  They employ a special (secret) technique that makes it possible.  It’s not my thing.  I favour a hint of grease and the crispness in a doughnut.  I’m probably happiest with a sugared Krispy Kreme and a cup of black coffee (or in Barcelona, a Lukumas).IMG_5451Still my oldest daughter seems smitten with chocolate dipped doughnut covered with hundreds and thousands sprinkles. (As I write this I realise that I like their not too sweet creative toppings a lot more than the doughnut it adorns.) So much so that I am a regular customer.
IMG_5452I find it to be a beautiful shop. And I am always pleased when there is someone decorating doughnuts in the back room.

C/del Carme, 3

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3 Responses to Chök, Doughnuts, Las Ramblas

  1. Eva says:

    Hello Suzy! My family and I will be traveling to Barcelona and the UK next month and I stumbled upon your great blog. I always like to eat at great, non-touristy places when I travel therefore I was wondering if you had a list of places we must try during our week in Barcelona. (Also any suggestions on things to do would be much appreciated) Thank you!

    • Hi Eva. For Barcelona, have a look at the favourites page. There are some addresses there. I find Gracia to be a great neighbourhood with lots of places to eat / drink at. Have a wander down C/ verdi and go to the market there. Also do like the locals and stay out of the sun during siesta.

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