Anna Durkes, Italian Ice Cream, Kreuzberg

Ice Cream!Anna Durkes in Kreuzberg makes gelato.  It’s smoother than your average Berlin kugel and creamier, its richness coats the mouth like butter.

The shop isn’t your average eis laden. With an island of cream painted metal furniture looking like oversized stick insects in repose at its center.  On one side is a pale blue wall with hovering plugs to power some hanging lanterns which have bright orange power cords.  In the window there are a couple of oversize plastic cups in the same shade of orange as the cords.

Flavours are concentrated around nuts and chocolates, to the point that a pair of young women come in and after saying how nice the shop is, leave because there are too many chocolatey types and presumably they were in a sorbet frame of mind. Anna DurkesEveryone who is working there when I go is gloriously Italian.  Who doesn’t love to be around an Italian?  A breed apart that seem to be able to stop and smell the flowers or savour the espresso as is the case today.  As the guy wearing the Ben Sherman Target t-shirt illustrates when he sits down with his espresso to read the newspaper.  “Questo caffé è buonissimo.” He enthuses.  “Buonissimo.”

Being curious, I went for 4 mini scoops (€0.30 each), the most successful of which was the stracciatella the least of which was the melon, which in this creamy incarnation lacked the typically identifiable fruity acidic notes.

I do love what a rich and varied ice cream topography Berlin has.  There is my favourite Hokey Pokey, the great Vanille Marille but really, any retail street will have a shop selling ice cream, usually organic for next to nothing.  The right to a scoop is much the same as the Currywurst, bringing everyone together to take a pause.  To savour a scoop or two (or three, Germans really really like their ice cream!) of ice cream is to savour a few moments in the day.

Anna Durkes

Anna Durkes,
Graefestrasse 80
10967 Kreuzberg


  1. beautycalyptique says

    “Sorbet frame of mind”. Hilarious 😀
    Strangely, my normal “work-related” routes through Berlin rarely guide me to gems like that. Just yesterday I was spontaneously stranded in an italian ice cream café in Steglitz, with horribly bad ice cream!

    I wish Makrönchen would whip up a ice cream macarons in summer. I really love the place for, well, everything – and Laura and the girls, everybody is just splendid. Have ordered macaron towers for birthday cake twice now, it’s always been perfect. But then again, I went there on recommendation – I never tour that hood. *sighs* Thankfully there are blogs like yours 😉

  2. says

    One of my favorite ice cream shops in Berlin. The only problem, I think, is its appearance from the outside. Every time I bring someone there they’re always like “I passed by this shop a thousand times and I really thought it was a stationary shop (or something like that)!”….And the scaffolding outside doesn’t help either. But yeah, the ice cream is “lecker”.

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