Aroma, Dim Sum and Chinese Food, Charlottenburg

AromaOn the 1st of January, 2013, my husband and I drove through the streets of Berlin, in search of a place to eat that was not Starbucks or located  in a hotel.

After 40 minutes of driving, I thought of Aroma.  Surely, Aroma would be open.

Of course it was.

AromaWho should we lock eyes with as we entered the restaurant but Luisa, Max and baby Hugo.  Lucky too as the place was full and we probably wouldn’t have managed to get a table otherwise.  I would like to think it bodes well for the year ahead, to bump into friends and share food on the 1st day of the year.

The truth is, last winter, that long interminable winter, Aroma was quite a fixture in my life.  I have a very strong suspicion that the dim sum is probably bought in frozen but dim sum is one of my small pleasures.  As is dipping them in too much hot sauce until my nose and eyes are streaming prompting friends to suggest I might want to take it easy.AromaBut you see, with all my vices being picked off and disposed of, one by one, by motherhood there isn’t much left, besides dim sum with too much hot sauce.

Having the waiter stare over my head as I give my order and start to walk away before I’m finished makes me think fondly (somehow) of dim sum weekends in London.

I always have the dim sum, never the cooked food although Luisa had a chicken soup that was delicious and the Stil in Berlin guys have their own favourites (with gorgeous pictures to boot).  I like going with friends and tangling chopsticks as we swoop into the too many dishes we (I) inevitably order.

Kantstraße 35


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    Christmas Day and New Year’s Day : one can always count on a Chinese resto to be open on one or both of these two holidays. There is definitely a very distinctive taste to dim sum that’s frozen versus dim sum that was made in the kitchen within the last couple of hours. Countless dim sum sessions with my folks in Vancouver were a good education. :)

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    Dim sum is my husband’s favorite meal to enjoy…whenever we travel to Florida that is a wonderful restaurant that we go to. You sit and watch through a glass wall at all the dim sum dishes being made fresh.

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    Brilliant we are staying not far from here when we visit Berlin next month. Will have to pop in for feed. Any UK foods you want to say thanks for this little gem?

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    Elisa! Thank you! I thought you were joking.
    I am going to London at the end of the month so I am all set but thank you for offering.

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