Cocoro, Japanese Cafe, Kreuzberg

CocoroI feel like we are starting to have real choice in Berlin.  Gone are the days where lunch options were limited to schnitzel, ungainly maultaschen or the abiding curry wurst.  We have a street food market, how San Francisco of us!  We’ve got so many pop ups it’s like that video game with the moles or rabbits or whatever.  On Sunday I went to Gourmandise 3rd pop up at the Beta House where there were at least a hundred people queing with their Tupperware (as requested by the organizers) to buy cake.  I can’t afford to throw away a half hour to line up for cake when I’ve got a babysitter on the clock at home.  Instead,  I went round the corner to the adorable Ganz Wien and had coffee on a silver tray and found the lopsided home-made Sacher Torte endearing.
Ganz Wien, KreuzbergSomething else is happening. The bubble tea shops are closing en masse, leaving plenty of well-appointed store fronts for rent. On Mehringdamm strasse a Japanese Kitchen named Cocoro has opened. I nipped in on that first sunny Sunday to grab coffees on the way to our maiden visit to Tempelhof Freiheit (I know! It’s taken me 3 years to visit!).Salad at CocoroI was dubious about the extensive menu of beverages on the wall. Listing everything from coffees, to matcha soya latte (€3.60 -had it, not for me) or that David Rio Chai brand I would sooner associate with the Balzac chain then someplace I might want to eat. I saw cakes from Nazuna, organic power bars from Foodloose and macarons from Makrönchen.  IMG_2081
I’m suspicious of too much choice. Often, the more choice there is, the poorer the quality is. This is true for fashion and for food.  But then I saw a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss and that made me decide on the spot to have lunch there.CocoroThere are only 6 warm dishes to choose from (Yay!).  I had the chicken curry don (€5.80), which was lovely although I would have preferred my rice with more bite.  My friend had the Gyu Don (€5.80).  I could have eaten 4 of the little side salad (€1.80) I started with, the dressing was excellent and each leaf was dressed perfectly.  The food is adorable as is the place itself. I had a lovely lunch and when I got home, I realised Layla doesn’t have a copy of “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!”

Japanese Kitchen, Tea House & Coffee Shop
Mehringdamm 64


  1. Tulio says

    Thanks again for the great tip! Went there last Saturday and had Gyu Don. It was very good! Almost as good as my favorite Guy Don in São Paulo!

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