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Companian CoffeeWhen I saw the boys behind the bar at Companion Coffee I thought to myself, I know you two…  Aren’t you supposed to be wearing brown plaid shirts?  And taking away my sugar? Because of course Shawn and Chris used to work at The Barn (yes, that Barn).

I only know that their names are Shawn and Chris because of Mary Scherpe’s blog Stil in Berlin.  To me they were just: ‘the only guy in Berlin who does not (mercifully) have that hipster haircut’ and the other ‘one that wears a hat indoors’…who take my sugar away.Companion CoffeeActually I am not that fussed about the sugar but I’m about to oust myself from the coffee closet of shame by admitting this:

Two shots of espresso in my small cappuccino is too much for me.

I feel like it’s stripping the enamel clean off my teeth and my normally happy burbling stomach goes kind of quiet, like “what was that?” before conspiring with my other organs to keep me running to the toilet – diuretic indeed!  Companion CoffeeCompanion coffee is a minimal raised corner sharing a space with the Voo store.  They serve 3rd wave coffee (again let me pass you over to Stil in Berlin for more on that) and home-made jam tartlets which taste “just as they should” according to my French friend Marguerite.

The space is small enough that you can eavesdrop on the baristas conversation which for the portion of the day that I visited, centered on supermarket coffee.  And how it is “21 days off roast.”  (Is that good? Poking around on gave me no conclusive answers.)

Ok, so I’m getting side tracked.  Again.   – Really liked Companion Coffee. Two big thumbs up. And with summer upon us, it’s great to be able to duck off the busy main street into this pretty courtyard and enjoy a coffee (however many shots you want) outside.

The Voo Store
Companion Coffee
Oranien Str. 24


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    You think you need to whisper? I only drink decaf coffee. I’m pretty much a pariah in Berlin nowadays. Given that I live really near The Roastery I’m even worried I might be driven out of my home… I feel like I should get a t-shirt that says “I get migraines OK?”.

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