Domäne Dahlem, Spring Fair, Dahlem

You have to peer very closely and for a very long time at the branches to see any signs of spring.  The weather has been glorious, burst into spontaneous opera songs type of weather, but the trees are not convinced yet.  This weekend we changed to summer time and there was a spring festival at the Domäne Dahlem.  

There are plenty of stalls selling honey, jams, cordials, salamis and so on.  I didn’t try any of them because the crowds were too thick to wade through.  We had a wonderful Sunday strolling around the grounds and watching the farm animals do their thing, so novel to us city people. I plan to be back in August (27-28) when they will have a market with Brandenburger specialties. And for the potato festival in September (17-18).
Stiftung Domäne Dahlem
Landgut und Museum
Königin-Luise Strasse 49


  1. says

    I know, every March I go wild taking photographs of the sun and then am surprised by how barren the trees and foliage look. So glad you enjoyed it!

    • says

      I’m going to the Staudenmarkt (sp?) this weekend which is at the Botanical Gardens (probably on Sunday) if you want to join me?

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