Du Bonheur, Patisserie, Mitte

Canele from Du BonheurFew sweet pastries have the ability to dispense with my good grasp of self-control – except for Canelés.  The outside made up of a maximum caramelized, crunchy, sticky surface.  And the inside, solid custard, flecked with black vanilla seeds, yielding.  It’s a creme caramel you can hold in your hand, improved by texture, beveled edges, sharp ridges – pockets of bliss.

Not that I had to battle with lost self-control since the last Canelé I ate was at Dabbous, almost a year ago (post here).Du BonheurExcept, there is this new place that opened up on Brunnenstraβe.  With a striking fuchsia pink awning and tea roses on the tables.  There is an exposed brick wall, rough and dusty  which sets off the slick white counter with glass thick enough to safely display diamonds.  Within the cabinet are elaborate cakes, striking enough that they look like large fancy brooches more than anything edible.Du Bonheur

I feel that with this perfectly presented shop, Berlin’s food scene has turned the page to worthwhile.  Just like that.  Previously, to get pastry so sophisticated, one had to abide tedious hotel lobbies and cafes, with a wait and kitchen staff that appeared to be there through indentured service rather than any love for food or service.  Du Bonheur on the other hand comes to us via the joint efforts of Stephan Zuber who worked at Uma and Anna Plagens who honed her skills in the kitchens of Pierre Hermé (see article in Tip magazine here).

The pastries are stunning examples of french classics while the furthest corner is given over to the tawnies and browns that are brioches, leavened layered pastries, breads and my beloved canelés.  There are quiches – of which I tried the white asparagus with rosemary (not a fan of rosemary in something as delicate as this Quiche).  I am itching to go back and try the tartines.  And I am not embarrassed to say that this week I bought their entire supply of canelés bar one. Du Bonheur
Du Bonheur
Brunnenstr. 39,
10115 Mitte
No Website but they have a Facebook Page
Wed – Sat: 08:00 – 19:00
Sun: 10:00 – 19:00


  1. ellie says

    Thank you for this post! Caneles are my favorite treat and have only ever found them at the Kollwitz Saturday market from a french Patisserie stand. There they are good although always cold (as Berlin is always cold, and they are outside). How much are the Caneles here?

    • says

      So – I can’t find either of my receipts. Hmmm. I want to say 1.20 but I am not sure. Pain au chocolats were 1.90. Will certainly go back and pay attention.

      • ellie says

        Thanks! I actually went this weekend to get my fix. They were really great (and 2.10.. understandable when I researched how to make them myself. think i’ll stick with 2.10!). I would suggest trying the ones at the Patisserie stand on Saturdays at Kollwitz Market. They are different, the exterior is much thicker and crispier. Love them both!
        Also the service at Du Bonheur was so pleasant, and the Tartine we had (avocado, proscuitto, parmesan) was delicious. The Rose macaron was heaven, too!

  2. Paulina Bembel says

    I made them couple of times, let me say it needs work on. Maybe I succeed when you come?
    BTW you have to visit Daniel Karlsson’s place in Covent Garden – swedish bakery. Daniel worked in Ottolenghi and in Melrose & Morgan with me. Pastry is amazing.

    See you

  3. says

    omg, a canelés source in Berlin revealed! thanks so much for that (the barn used to have them, but stopped because no one bought them!??!?!) – hope to get their soon, and hopefully before any of you bought the whole tray!

  4. beautycalyptique says

    OMactualG! I love there little buggers. Got me two silicone moulds for baking them myself, but guess what… THANK YOU, Suzy, for this trouvaille <3

    (in case you wondered, I'm Miss Heybackoff from Twitter ;))


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