Flammkuchen at Standige Vertretung

About a year ago, little L and I accompanied hubby on a business trip to Strasbourg and its environs.  I was all geared up for all the sauerkraut I was planning to consume but I had not as yet encountered a Flammkuchen (or Tarte Flambee as it is known in France).

We attended an event with tents and waiters and a catered stand with a chef that just made Flammkuchen, non-stop for about 4 hours.  I in-delicately squeezed 3 pieces on to the little teeny weeny plate and went to nibble away on it in a lady like fashion.  That didn’t last long.  Soon, the chef and I were on a first name basis.  I am exaggerating really, but I did have to contend with a raised eyebrow or two when I went for my third serving.

It’s very simple really – an ever so thin dough base, creme fraiche (or quark), bacon lardons, onions, cheese and chives. The combination of crinkly crunchy crust, salty meat and cheese and chives. It’s a bit like opening a family size bag of chips with the intention of eating just one or two but somehow finding you have made your way through the entire bag!

By day 3 of that trip, I was Flammkuchened out – couldn’t see it anymore.

A year has passed now so I was more than ready to jump back into the moreish world of Flammkuchen. And this weekend I had the opportunity to do so at Standige Vertretung.

What a Strange (with a capital S) place it is!  From the lady waitress with the orthopedic shoes.  To the insanely cluttered walls within the pub itself.  It looks like a tourist trap but it’s always full of Germans.

They serve a whole host of other things besides, in fact we ordered the Rhenisch Sauerbraten (some sort of beef) in a raisin pumpernickel sauce with potato dumplings and apple compote.

You read “dumplings” and you imagine mignon gnocchi sized balls – not the tennis sized objects that were placed before us.  Lots of sauces going on there too – what with the pumpernickel sauce and the apple sauce.  But fun!  Hooray for tennis sized dumplings!

We also ordered some salads when we should have known better.  Any establishment that celebrates meat and potatoes to this extent will surely be heavy handed with salad.  And they were.  Same base of lettuce and cabbage, same cloyingly sweet dressing – different toppings – chicken or whatever.

They have plenty of outside tables and umbrellas – spanning two sidewalks.  It’s a cool experience – kind of off the beaten track.  Have the Flammkuchen if you want something light or go for the meat, sauce and potato combo if you want something considerably more substantial.  Avoid the salads.  Oh, and the table next to us ordered a sweet Flammkuchen of apples, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream which looked scrummy!

I have never made Flammkuchen myself, but if you would like a recipe try this one out from the blog “What’s for lunch honey?”.

Standige Vertretung – Schiffbauerdamm 8, 10117 Berlin. T. 030 2823965

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