Galeries Lafayette, Food Hall, Mitte

My husband gave me a Nike Fuel band as a gift.  It stayed in the box for about two weeks.

All I could think of when I saw it was: Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart dumbstruck that anyone would willingly don a shackle that monitors their movement, when she had to forcibly endure a home incarceration bracelet.  Martha Stewart whose business lost $50.7 million against revenues of $43.5 million in the 3rd quarter of 2012 and still felt upbeat enough to take the FT’s reporter along to check out ABC for inspiration on what to do with twigs. (I want whatever anxiety suppressing drugs she’s on!)

When it became obvious I wasn’t going to do it, my husband took it out of the box and loaded it onto my computer.Nike Fuel Band“See you can Twitter it and Facebook it.  You can even see what your friends are doing!”  I was going to explain to him that my friends are not 17-year-old girls and they would probably appreciate something that kept count of how many diapers they’ve changed or noses they’ve wiped and which counts down days since last pedicure, but I didn’t have the heart to deflate his considerable bubble.IMG_3843I’ve been wearing it regardless because around 10 o’clock in the morning, I press the white button and it says G*O*A*L and the letters do somersaults to a line of reggae colours at the top.  That is the why this bracelet will succeed, not because it motivates you to exercise but because it gives the wearer compliments.

Vanilla eclaireI wore it to Galeries Lafayette yesterday to buy Layla her weekly eclaire. She believes that their food hall makes the most sublime eclaires. I think they make damn good ones for Berlin, my favourite is coffee and hers is chocolate.  Yesterday the lady at the patisserie took a liking to her and gave her a chocolate macaron.

I’ve never written about the food hall here.  It’s small, but I love that by focusing on France, it makes sense.  You know what to expect.  Cheese, of course.  A good butchers, expensive but if you are clever, you can pick up some chipolatas or Merguez sausages and liven up a pot of lentils because sometimes (often) I just need a break from all the wursts.  The chiller cabinets stock things like thinly grated carrots with some raisins and a few parsley leaves masquerading as salad. Or expensive pots of yogurts or puddings.IMG_3842I’ve had the €19.00 entrecote (good), the €9.50 half roast chicken (tiny!), a soupe des poissons with rouille (grainy – although the fish hall is getting a revamp).  And the seating, despite being clustered around a tapering glass cylinder with a small Eiffel Tower replica wearing tiny strobe lights, is somehow grim.  It’s got airport acoustics and it’s too dim

I don’t go to Galeries Lafayette for the eat in food. I go for a few choice ingredients (tea from Mariage Frères, loose apricot jam). I go to feel like I’m in a different city. I go to watch the boys behind the counter being French and flirting unabashedly with all the female customers and these ladies, instead of being offended, tilting their head, fingering a scarf and smiling at the compliment.  And of course, to get Layla her eclaire.

Oh and that orb up there next to my keys.  That’s also from my husband.  It’s a light that turns on when you touch it to illuminate your bag and help you find your keys.  Now that gadget I love!  And I am willing to bet money, Martha would too!

Galeries Lafayette
Friedrichstraße 76-78
Mitte 10117


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    It sounds like your husband likes gadgets…and you are the lucky beneficiary. I don’t know why but I haven’t been getting your posts in my reader…the last one was the mozzarella bar. I thought you were just tasting a break from your blog because of the children. I’ll have to spend some time catching up.

    • says

      Hi Karen. Kind of taking a break from restaurants because evenings are crazy around here but still manage to get out for lunch. Unfortunately a lot of places in Berlin are closed for lunch.

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    I visited this large & very fancy chique store when I was on vacation in Berlin , in October, with my husband! The food department was fantastic but most of the foods were very expensive, i say!

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