Goose to Go from the Ritz!

IMG_3803Christmas this year. Phew! Literally no relation to all Christmases past. I don’t know what happened?

Actually I do.

I had twins and sent Layla to Kita for the first time, where she brought back all manner of horrendous disease. After nursing cold after cold for 2 months solid, she finally settled on a whopper, 5 days and nights of coughing. One night she was up for 3 hours straight coughing in my arms and falling into fretful fits of sleep for short periods of time. It broke my heart and my back. I called my husband back from two business trips, needing reinforcements, only to have him go down within hours…

So although I had ordered a German reared mini-pute from Bio Company (4.9kg for €89) I had neither the time nor the inclination to cook it (who would have eaten all that food? My mother and I? Each bouncing a fractious 5 month old baby on our knee?).Teddy Bears at the Ritz

And my dad was in town, lured by all my tales of how I make the best Christmas dinner ever, EVA.

That’s when I came across it.  A pamphlet from the Ritz advertising “Goose to Go” for 6 people €149.  “Per  person?” I asked the waitress at Desbrosses who was standing in front of a blackboard that said brunch at €89 per person (per person!!!).

“No.” she told me per goose.The goose

And it came with…
Red Cabbage
6 stuffed apples
6 large knodel
cooked chestnuts
gravy (beautiful gravy)
a bottle of Terasses

In a huge insulated Ritz branded bag.

And in this period that has left my nerves frayed at the edges like a cheap carpet, I relished the humor of serving a goose cooked for me by the Ritz with an advent candle center piece from Lidl.  (This may have been a hard year but it’s certainly been a funny one…)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all.  I don’t know what you are wishing for but I am hoping for a sane, disease free 2013.


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    ack! Sorry to hear you have a sick household. It feels like we’re never going to emerge from round after round of sickness here. I think that goose sounds like a splendid idea and i bet it was delicious. Happy Christmas to you and your family!

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    You are a brave one. When I started babysitting for my two little girls (2 and 4.5 at the time, now 4.5 and nearly 7) I was warned by a fellow babysitting friend to wash my hands a hundred times more daily than I thought I needed to, never to touch my face, and nevertheless to expect to get sick twice as often. It never happened (I always get sick often) but gave me a new appreciation for the fact that these adorable little creatures we love are also walking balls of germs.

    Love the Ritz-Lidl goose…something about the melding of high/low-brow is so very German. Wishing the best to you and your now large family!

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    Hi Giulia, Thank you best wishes to you too.
    I’m thinking of getting a dog. I read that they help raise everyones immune system so it makes babies and children hardier.
    At this point I am willing to try anything!

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