Opening of Sra Bua by Tim Raue, Pan Asian Food, Mitte

Opening of Sra Bua BerlinI have no idea how I got on the Sra Bua opening party mailing list. But somehow I did.

It’s conceivable that somewhere on the invitation it said ‘black tie’ but I was too busy marvelling at the mysteries of PR lists.  I put on my pink corduroy trousers, (my favorite pair of orange jeans from Comptoir des Cotonniers being in the wash).  I paired them with a blue t-shirt and a blue and white striped sweater.
The red carpet at Tim Raue opening The extensive red carpet was my first clue that I might have gotten it wrong. The wall of big men, in black overcoats, earpieces and walkie talkies that closed in on me with a look on their face that said “The Brandenburg Gate is that way honey.” was the second one.  Some Sra Bua tastersInside, I find that they have kept the interior of former Uma intact, minus the central point of the horse which has been replaced by another sculpture.The red carpet from the insideAs I have arrived at 7:30, I initially have good access to the miniature signature dishes being passed around. Half an hour in though, it’s become a free for all. Tim Raue, himself is being jostled around by elegant guests with feral eyes shoving past him to get at the food.  If he’s here, who is in the kitchen, I wonder?  The kitchen at Sra BuaDaniel Lengsfeld, I find out.  (A former Tim Raue sous chef that went on to cook at a place called “Katz Orange“.)  Because Sra Bua (a Kempinski brand restaurant of which there are already 3 in existence  around the world) is merely interpreted by Tim Raue.  On most days you will find him on the pass at his 2 Michelin star Restaurant Tim Raue.Salmon with grapefruit Sra Bua A bit of salmon with grapefruit and vanilla is good enough to make me go in search of the elusive waiters.  They are all getting corralled mere baby steps away from the kitchen door and being stripped of all they carry.  Sometimes they forget the cutlery but that doesn’t stop people from grabbing plates.  The kitchen and staff are exerting near heroic energy to keep the food coming out.Lamb curry at Sra BuaI manage to get a piping hot lamb curry and a vivid green spicy pea curry with shrimp. A bite of cheesecake and another of chocolate mousse with orange.Shrimp with pea curryIt’s all delicious, even served in this fever pitch atmosphere that is an opening night at a posh restaurant in Berlin. Still, I can never really say what I think until I have handed over my own money. Which I will do, after a month or two when the hubbub has settled.

Sra Bua interpreted by Tim Raue
Adlon Kempinski Hotel
Unter den Linden 77,
Mitte 10117


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    At some point my Food & Beverage manager is going to have to exchange notes with you. You are the perfect person to speak to about what is hot in the Berlin food scene right now.

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    A restaurant’s posh-ness doesn’t seem to make a difference, when all-dressed-up people (who probably skipped lunch for the occasion) gather to taste food.
    Earlier I was invited to a dinner at the Italian embassy and apart from the red carpet, the security guys and the presence of Mr.Raue, it went very similar… 😉

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