Ruman in Amman, Jordan

Apricot chicken skewersI missed the memo that it was Ramadan, (or I ignored it more likely). So for the past month we’ve been firmly planted at my father’s home in Ruman, Jordan (Ruman means pomegranate in Arabic, lovely, isn’t it?).  The kids and I have been living on our pomegranate hill, which is planted not with pomegranates but with figs, grapes, apples, stone fruit and citrus trees.

I’ve been baking a cake a day.  Things with fruit that I’ve picked from the hill.  Salads get showered with herbs from the garden.  One of which is some sort of Egyptian chive that the gardener brought with him and the local Jordanians don’t know.Figs, figs, figsIt’s been a much needed holiday.  Totally uneventful and devoid of stress.  The babies (who turned one on the 30th of July) spend a couple of hours a day wiping the floors with their bare bums as the scooch about eating olives or ants.

When I saw this gorgeous fig tart on Chez Pim’s website, I knew it was a great solution to my fig loot.  I’ve made it too many times to count.  And carrot cake because the Filipina ladies who work here are fascinated that such a thing can be made from scratch (really).  Meanwhile if you have a bbq, make this (first picture), making sure to let it marinate overnight.  It goes really well with this quinoa salad (and yay for all the quick pickled stuff in Bon Appetit lately).   Lastly, these brown butter crepes from Smitten Kitchen are divine, as perfect as a thing can be.  Dinner for friends


  1. Paulina Bembel says

    Got hungry, I just need to dust off my griddle and let’s roast some peaches with halloumi cheese, forget the fact the house is going to smell of smoke for the whole next week.

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