Suppenbörse, Soup Bar, Mitte

While the twins were still newborns, I managed to read a few books.  Our very own Luisa Weiss’ My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story with Recipes.  Followed by a State of Wonder – a book of fertile older (in their 60’s) women living in the Amazon (ah the irony) and the scientists studying them.  Then I went into Daunts bookstore, said I had enjoyed that and on their recommendation ended up with The J.M. Barrie Ladies’ Swimming Club.  Which is written exactly like a love story for 12-year-old girls, except the protagonist is in her 40’s, set against a backdrop of some eccentric older (in their 70’s) women who skinny dip in sub-zero waters for the adrenaline kick.

The reason I am sharing my summer reading with you is because, firstly, you should all read Luisa’s book and secondly I am on the icy brink of winter but unlike the septuagenarians in the book – there is no adrenaline kick to be had from a winter in Berlin.  Today as I sniffled and shuffled my way to Layla’s school, I gaped at my iPhone’s weather app which informed me it was 0º C.

The worst part isn’t the 0ºC, it’s that the 0 marks the beginning of the long hard slog.  There are Christmas markets to look forward to but I suspect that the novelty may have worn off.

There is nothing for it but to bake cookies and eat soup.  We’ve been having a lot of Carrot, Ginger and Coconut, a dawdle to make as I leave the slicing to my Magimix.  My mother made an exceedingly good chicken tagine from Dorie Greenspan’s book today.

About once a week I get a bowl of hot something from Suppenbörse.  A little place that has managed to nudge itself into a nook on one side of Dussmann. It’s modest and on the ugly side, yellow walls and pine wood furniture stained a darker brown.

On a good day, you have a selection of 9 soups.  A small bowl for €3 and a bigger one for €5.  I’ve probably been there on 4 occasions and gravitate towards the chicken broth in whatever guise it takes, Vietnamese, French or plain chicken noodle soup.  For diversity, I tried an Arabic lentil soup yesterday which was tasty.  They get the salt content right a lot of the time which is important for soup, just a notch under salty.

It’s simple stuff but a good place to know about as winter sets in and you just can’t face any more Glühwein.

Dorotheenstraße 43


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    I come along this place quite often and always wondered if it is anything worth trying out… yes, it is ugly. especially in a town like berlin, with so many nice looking places – which also offer good food, one tends to ignore places like this one. but it may be a “geheimtipp” :-)

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    Good to know: Like Fenke, I’ve eyed it for years and never been. We need to have a cookie making party sooner rather than later, don’t you think?

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