Nopi, Ottolenghi’s Sibling, London, UK

*I will say it, I had my doubts about Nopi living up to the hype.  How could anything top Ottonlenghi?  Even if it was done by Yotam Ottolenghi himself (and it should be said, Sami Tamimi).  I should have never doubted the duo.

The food I had at Nopi was extraordinary.  Not because it relied on complicated techniques or spewed liquid nitrogen but because it was a complete synergy of flavours that is just awe-inspiring. And yes, I realize that I am talking about food and not…well I don’t know, something more worthwhile but being able to understand and amplify flavour like that, well it’s a little bit like magic.  Or like a perfumer, adept at taking individual smells and amalgamating them into new successful combinations.

The Burrata with peach and fennel seed dust (£12) was out of this world.  The combination was entirely new to me, in its totality it had an equal effect to what I imagine eating a peach for the first time must be like.  Fantastic.  Equally the non-fried doughnuts I had for dessert (made of brioche I was told) was just about the best yeasted thing to have passed my lips in a very long time. Read more of this post


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