Flammkuchen at Standige Vertretung

About a year ago, little L and I accompanied hubby on a business trip to Strasbourg and its environs.  I was all geared up for all the sauerkraut I was planning to consume but I had not as yet encountered a Flammkuchen (or Tarte Flambee as it is known in France).

We attended an event with tents and waiters and a catered stand with a chef that just made Flammkuchen, non-stop for about 4 hours.  I in-delicately squeezed 3 pieces on to the little teeny weeny plate and went to nibble away on it in a lady like fashion.  That didn’t last long.  Soon, the chef and I were on a first name basis.  I am exaggerating really, but I did have to contend with a raised eyebrow or two when I went for my third serving.

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