The Sweet Workshop – (Werkstatt der Süsse)

With a name like Werkstatt der Süsse, I had to go in!  Guido Furhmann might as well have called it Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and while we are at it – just call me Charlie.

I have visited this place around half a dozen times.  The little vitrine is sparsely populated with extremely grown up yet simultaneously jaunty pattiserie.  Blackberries are sliced in half and arranged just so, tiny pretty baubles nestle together under ever so light tuiles and every now and then – a little gold leaf sparkle catches the eye.

They look positively Parisian, like they might be the not so distant cousins of a swanky Michelin star dessert – when you take a bite it’s all confirmed,  you realize that you are dealing with one talented pastry chef.

Take this chocolate tart:

Pastry case, chocolate ganache, strawberries, caramelized nut shards right…yes…but inside there is a soft layer of brownie and every now and then I came across some crunchy chocolate balls – like miniature Maltesers.  And that ganache, do you know how sometimes a really good ganache can almost feel cooling?  Mmmm, it was a very nice tart indeed!

And this place is just a stone’s throw from Kollwitzplatz, on a quiet tree-lined street.

I wish I could tell you more about this place but my lack of German language skills really lets me down here! I know that they make croissants on Saturday (or Sunday? Call first!) but you have to get there early because they sell out fast! I know that you can take classes – but no idea what the schedule is. I do know that he was the pastry chef at the Ritz in Berlin for 3 years.

If unlike me you speak German though, you might want to try out those classes.  The pastry kitchen and eventual classroom can be viewed from the shop.  It is encased in a glass box, has meters of gleaming worktop and an impressive array of Valrhona chocolate-and we all now that Valrhona is the Rolls-Royce of chocolate (in the left hand side of the photograph) and a row of intriguing looking balls in heavy bottomed bottles.

Just look at the gleam on his copper bowls.  Anyone who keeps his copper like this suffers from pathological perfectionism. I don’t mean that as an insult – if a pastry chef wants to make these kind of sleek desserts – he can’t be the easy-going type!

The last thing I am going to say is that these perfect pretty pastries cost around €3.20 each.  That is an absolute steal!  On more than one occasion, I have opted to drive from Mitte to Prenzlauer Berg to pick up a box of these delectable desserts to offer to friends.  It’s worth it!

werkstatt der süsse
Husemannstraße 25
10435 Berlin
Fon: +49-0-30-32 59 01-57
Fax: +49-0-30-32 59 01-56


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    If I lived within twenty miles of a place like this, I would have to go every day! Pastries are my downfall, and I can only dream of true, European pastries. This might be one of the best reasons for living in Germany. Have you recipes for German cakes?


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