Wiener Brot, Bakery, Mitte

Wiener BrotOn Tucholskystrasse, there is a little brown fox with what looks like a button mushroom (but is more likely a chef’s hat on one ear) surreptitiously climbing up the shop front of Wiener Brot. Inside the shop there is a shelf into which loaves of bread are filed vertically. Large red swirly lamps that look like thick brushstrokes hang from the ceiling.  A colour picked up in the lipstick and cat’s eye glasses of the buxom woman behind the counter.

On the back shelves are jars of Berliner Honig (a perfect Berlin themed stocking filler) and Berliner Bären Gold.  Then I spot a hoard of Sarah Wiener books.

“Is this a Sarah Wiener shop?” I ask the shop assistant
“Yes.” She beams back.
Oh.” I think flatly.

I had high expectations for another Sarah Wiener place Das Speisezimmer and although the design of the place was nice, the food was less than lacklustre.  Still that was over a year ago and I had only eaten there once.  I could be wrong about Sarah Wiener.

Except I’m not.Sarah Wiener has good ideas and knows how to brand herself and her shops so that they tick off all the right buzz words.  For example the bakery uses ‘spring water’ and ‘stoneground organic flour’ to make bread in the ‘traditional’ manner.  It’s enough to get a foodie all hot under the collar until I taste it and think “I don’t care if it took three cherubs and a garden gnome to make this biscuit, it’s over baked.”  The main problem is her packaging oversells her content, which for the most part is fine but not noteworthy.

Except for the coffee which is awful and expensive. Over €3. I wasn’t even given fresh milk for that price. No, instead the shop assistant lifted the plate on a pot of milk – the milk left over from some previous coffee at an unknowable point in time (the place doesn’t get much coffee custom) and proceeded to froth that up. Badly. The big bubble froth that dissolve quickly until you are left with something that looks like soap scum.

It left me no choice but to walk another 5 minutes to The Barn and have my coffee there.  (There are other coffee places in Berlin besides The Barn but they do the best coffee within my immediate walkable radius)

Wiener Brot
Tucholskystraβe 31


  1. says

    …. True , i always wonder who is the more entertaining writer of the two of you …. Surely it asks for a test with him having the kids 24/7 – then we judge? … =) (for the kids sake that might be a bad idea ..i realize…)

    • says

      I don’t despise her. I think she has a good vision in her head but from my limited experience, it seems that those who execute it don’t do it well enough.

  2. says

    Ah, you’ve nailed it. Why is it particularly galling when someone masters the packaging and not the product? (Still irked by those jade tomatoes they served me a few Augusts ago.) Love what’s becoming a coffee diaries series btw. And you must make it to Bondi, run by a nice Australian fellow.

  3. David says

    You should try the bread, after all it’s called Wiener Brot (=bread) and not Wiener pastry, especially the Hausbrot and the Sonntagsbrot. For me, Wiener Brot is a welcome addition since it is notoriously difficult to get decent bread in Berlin – or anywhere else in the world (yes, even in London) outside of southern Germany. Another rather new good bread place is Zeit für Brot in Neue Schönhauser (or was it Alte?).

    • says

      Actually I did. I tried a bread roll with cheese. Did I write that? Anyway. It was fine. Not incredible, not bad, just fine.
      I’ve been to Zeit für Brot a couple of times, it’s my next post.

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