Yasmine & Zoey

I’ve gone from being a mother of 1 to being a mother of 3.


No words.

(Ok, well maybe a few)

On Monday the 30th of July two gorgeous and tiny baby girls were handed to me .  (Yup, it’s that easy, you go to the baby shop, find two you like and 4 days later you go home, powder your nose, sell exclusive picture rights to Hello and People magazine, then whiz off to get a tattoo of their birth co-ordinates on your arm. Then a few short months later, you don an  itsy bitsy teenie weenie white bikini and text the nanny  nannies ‘Back in 2 days, how are the twins?’.  EASY!)The girls are at once pure magic and utterly terrifying.

If one new baby seriously dampens your social life, you can only imagine what two can do!  I considered it a huge accomplishment that the twins, Layla, my husband and I managed to get down to our local GBK for lunch, then on to Gelato Mio for an ice cream which I ate while waiting in line at Boots to pay for some post natal vitamins.

For the next couple of months, I am going to be glued to the sofa, under the twins, watching the Food Network and not being able to reach the glass of water in front of me.  (Although mid September, I do have a lunch reservation at the impossible-to-get-a-table-at-unless-you-are-the-food-critic-at-the-New-York-Times-restaurantDabbous.  (Oh and it’s not that I am becoming a famous food blogger, rather, since I knew I was having twins, I booked that table 3 months ago as a “Hooray, you survived the birth of your twins – now you just have to make it through the first year” treat.

Wish me luck! (Truthfully, I am fortunate to have my mother and mother in law here.  If there’s a heaven, these ladies have earned themselves a place up there!)

Meanwhile, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer, enjoying Berlin, London or wherever you are


  1. Simon Dance says

    Huge congratulations, that’s excellent news.

    I always look forward to your blog updates arriving in my inbox.

    Have a great time at dabbous!

    • says

      I have been. Not sure I remember how to cook but in London there are plenty of places that do the cooking for you… And they accept all major credit cards.

  2. says

    Wow, how wonderful! I did just read your most recent post about Primrose cupcakes and thought: “Three children! I swear she only had one…”! Thrilled for you. Congratulations to you and your husband and Layla of course. A big sister to two more girls. I love the second picture where one looks like she may chomp on her sister’s nose. So cute.

  3. says

    What an amazing surprise when I came to your site looking for lunch options in Kreuzberg.
    Congratulations! They are gorgeous and such beautiful names.
    I have been wondering why you went to London!

  4. says

    They look like tiny little angels! Maybe I can get a cuddle once you’re back in Berlin. Congratulations to all of you, Berlin misses you! Lucy x

  5. says

    My little boy, our 3rd child as well, was born July 30th too! And we live in primrose hill and I am happy to have discovered your blog tonight in between two feeds… Best of luck with your twins and look forward to following you here and there on your blog

    • says

      Wow! You consciously decided to have number 3? Incredible. We are stumbling our way through at the moment, but happy to be in pretty Belsize Park

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