Zeit für Brot, Bakery & Cafe, Mitte.

Zeit für Brot

They have cinnamon buns in Zeit für Brot.  Cinnamon buns make me think of Louie CK.  Louie CK always makes me laugh (and who doesn’t need a laugh with so much winter ahead of them?).  He is like a mild-mannered, unkempt accountant type except when he opens his mouth the most incredible amount of expletives and shocking ideas emerge.  To which he shrugs his shoulders and grins sheepishly, like he just unexpectedly passed a bit of wind and it’s never happened before…

Zeit für Brot

Cinnamon buns are the antithesis to all those dinkelbrots and bauernbrots I consume.  Like the hussy men take up with immediately after leaving their reliable, supportive but oh so boring mother of their children.  Heston Blumenthal illustrated this phenomenon perfectly when he left his wife Zanna for Suzanne (Please, please watch the video promotion to her book The Pleasure Is All Mine, you will keel over laughing if you are a woman or think the recipes look really good if you are my husband.).

Zeit für Brot

I see the cinnamon buns and I think: “This is what I need, yeast, sugar, pillowiness – badness.”  Then half way through I feel a bit bloated, a bit blah.  I’ve peaked quickly and now it’s still a grey winter afternoon except I’ve got half a cinnamon roll lodged in my gut.

So the cinnamon rolls – not so much for me.  But the laugencroissants, mmmm…  Brushed with so much lye that it makes me think I’ve sucked on a battery (in a good way, if there can be such a thing).  I’ve had perfect laugencroissants at Zeit für brot and I’ve had ones that are overly greasy.

Zeit für Brot

After having an excellent flat white at Westberlin last week, I was beginning to think that you just can’t get a cup of bad coffee in Berlin.  But hooray!  You still can so at Zeit für Brot, get the Americano.

The skinny baker and his loaves of bread

I enjoy watching the bakers at work through the large glass window.  The skinny guy who seems to be perpetually massaging large balls of dough is always good for a laugh.  Look, it’s not just my brain that is seeing these things.  I had breakfast there with Margue and she started giggling even before I had clocked him biting on his upper lip as he kneaded away.  And I gather management must find it similarly amusing if they’ve taken the time to turn it into a postcard….

Zeit für Brot
Alte Schönhauser Straße 4


  1. Ellie says

    Have you tried their bread? It is delicious, almost rivals Brot und Butter. Also, I’m not sure where cinammon buns originate but being from New York, we had a vast array to choose from, and Zeit Fur Brot remain the best I’ve ever had – though I stick only with the original. Must now try the laugencroissant! My only complaint is that it is constantly filled with wild children and their ignoring mothers, I suppose the upside to The Barn!

    • says

      Their bread is good. Although I am surprised that they don’t have a bread slicing machine. Last time they sliced our loaf by hand which is surprisingly friendly and accommodating for this city.

  2. Jem says

    I pass by this place everyday on my way to and from work – dangerous! I really like their schokoecke and marzipanschnecke.

  3. annabelle says

    I was there this week end and decided to walk in just because the bread looked good (they looked like the ones we find in good frenc bakeries)
    I came there again the following day because their cinnamon rolls/maple and walnut rolls were the BEST I’ve ever had. Even better that the croissants and pains au chocolat I usually have in Paris. Fresh from the oven, full of butter…their sandwiches were really good too.
    A real must-try.

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