Zsa Zsa & Loui, Sandwiches, Neukölln

Layla photo bomb

If you want to find Berlin’s young entrepreneurs, you need to turn your attention to Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Two areas where you will find them cutting their teeth. (Probably as a result of a combination of cheap rents and a melting pot of young people hungry to try anything new.)

Take Zsa Zsa and Loui, a sandwich shop.  Sandwiches come with the choice of fries or a salad.  My order of a vitello tonnato (€6) is served on a round loaf of focaccia easily as big as Layla’s head (Shown photo bombing my title shot).  Initially I feel a little silly trying to negotiate the monster with a knife and a fork but I relent in no time at all.  Even as I discard one of the pieces of bread, I still struggle to bring down this behemoth.  As for the side of fries I’ve ordered, tiny.  I mean a pile of 15 or so (delicious and crispy) beauties.  While the side salad that accompanies the meatball sub, ordered by my friend might fare better as a garnish.  (Oh and that homemade ketchup, maybe not worth the trouble at home but SO glad they went to the trouble here.)Vitello tonnatoWhich is not actually a complaint.  How irksome is it when you order a club sandwich and get a square of white with the crusts cut off so you are left with a stamp sized sandwich being nudged off the plate by an enormous wave of fries?

But when you are approaching the sandwich from a special place in your heart, well, things look different.  Plate priorities change.  There isn’t the same stringent care that margins are maintained at a certain (great for business, not for the customer) level.  Although of course some mindfulness has to be kept for the business so stay in operation and to continue to fill the bellies of the sandwich hungry.

The rectangle of chocolate cake ordered to placate the sweet tooth of our smallest member is dry, she enquire as to whether this really qualifies as a ‘treat’ since she didn’t enjoy it that much.  But you don’t come here for cake.  You come for a dude sandwich, a thing of epic proportions, which might be your undoing.  It will certainly go some ways to pinging open the button on your trousers.Zsa Zsa & Loui

Zsa Zsa & Loui
12043 Neukölln
No website but they are on Qype


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    Had passed this place a couple times but your post encouraged me to finally try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. We split two great vegetarian sandwiches, and the french fries were indeed as good as you described. Danke!

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