Cupcake - Friedrichshain, Berlin

Saying you don’t like cupcakes is like admitting you don’t like puppies or -gasp- babies! It’s a declaration that you are a sociopath of epic proportions.  One that only goes out on even-numbered days and eats white foods on a Wednesday, green foods on a Thursday and so on.  Say it out loud and you will be ostracised!

Whatever the consequences, I am willing to own up to it in full view of cyberspace.  I DON’T LIKE CUPCAKES!

They are like a fancy invitation to a lame party!  All dolled up and adorable, with bright colours and confetti - take a bite and you realise that it’s just a plain vanilla sponge with some coloured butter cream icing on top.

I have a friend with a vested interest in cupcakes so I met her at Cupcake for coffee.  I ordered a lemon cupcake to see if maybe I had the cupcake thing all wrong.  Yah, no.  Still don’t like cupcakes.  What a way to use up an allocation of 300 + calories!  Give me a wedge of oozing cheese any day or a slice of tart.

However, I do realize that there are gazillions of cupcake mad people out there.  And for you, you should visit this place.  It’s in Friedrichshain, on a pretty tree-lined street.  It has lovely silver wallpaper and a vitrine full of colourful cupcakes with a few plastic toys meandering through the display.  The staff is lovely and it’s full of young mothers and non-mothers (it seems to be favoured by the female sex).

Cupcake has been supplying Berliners with their cupcake hit for about 3 years now and it’s so popular.  Bloggers (like Anne’s Kitchen) swoon over it.

It was a nice afternoon outing - if only they served something other than cupcakes…

Krossener Strasse 12
10245 Berlin
030 25768687
U-Bahn: Samariterstraße

24 Responses to Cupcake - Friedrichshain, Berlin

  1. Marguerite says:

    Finally, a fellow cupcake-disliker! Cupcake lack substance imo, and the whole cutesy thing that goes along with it is mildly annoying at best. Of all the great baked goods North America has to offer it really doesn’t deserve it’s popularity! I’ll end my rant here!

    • Oh but it’s so much fun to rant! I agree, there are so many incredible desserts to come out of the US and…Cupcakes? Really? And now what is with the whole macaroon craze? I am sensing people will go crazy for anything as long as it looks like it came out of a box of Crayolas!

  2. Daniel says:

    I like cupcakes, but like half of one at most if they’re right there. But on the whole I don’t really like them either. Give me a good slice of cake and I’m happy. But no cream- am I the only one that thinks Germany needs to ease up on the whipped cream?

  3. Giulia says:

    Cupcakes would not be top of my list, however, there is a reason besides the cute and colourful thing that makes them popular. They are portable, sized so people can pick them up and eat them, nothing needs to but cut to serve them and ideal for kids birthday parties or charity bake sales or to transport places.
    Plus they look great on a teared cake stand! When I make cupcakes I fill them …such as lemon curd in a lemon cupcake, or chocolate mousse…That makes them moister, tastier and a little surprise when you bite into them.
    For the small servings I guess you could also serve small single serve pastries such as eclairs, but they tend to be more expensive and tedious to make yourself.

  4. Stella says:

    “They are like a fancy invitation to a lame party!” one of the best quotes re: cupcakes ever!!

    I’m a narcissistic cupcake hater, if that makes any sense. My cupcakes, I love. If I make a cupcake, of course I can be sure the cake is interesting and nto over baked and that buttercream is actually buttercream (Swiss, for example), not a superdense wad of powdered sugar and butter. Ewww.

    But as I have never once enjoyed a cupcake in a bakery or restaurant before, I self-identify as a cupcake hater. When talking of cupcakes with friends or acquaintances (“let’s go get cupcakes at x” or “sally is bringing cupcakes to the party!”) we’re not talking about my cupcakes, and so I can feel confident that the cupcakes will disappoint, and so I never show enthusiasm, and thus am treated like a nasty seal pup clubber.

    I’m glad your post is bringing cupcake haters out of the woodwork! Unite!

    • I see that you live in Kentucky so I won’t be tasting your cupcakes any time soon, which is a shame! If you ever find yourself in Berlin, I will lend you my kitchen so you can convert me!

      • Stella says:

        Haha, will do. Though you still won’t be converted; at best you’ll be like, “Man, I still hate cupcakes. Except for that one time that girl from Kentucky actually showed up to my house. Those were alright! But, I’ll never have them again, so, I guess I still hate cupcakes!”

  5. Sasa says:

    I don’t much like babies, or puppies or cupcakes OR (gasp) macarons. Obviously there’s no hope for me.

  6. kickpleat says:

    I do like cupcakes but I’m not crazy koo-koo for them. However, I did go to this cupcake shop when I was in Berlin because I was especially taken by the colour grey used on the walls. Weird I know. The cupcake I had was okay, nothing special, but I did like that grey.

  7. kickpleat says:

    Oh, I should also point out that we ate the best falafel plate at a place just a few doors down from this cupcake place (at least I’m pretty sure that’s where it was!). I’m still thinking of those falafels.

    • Really… So when you come out of the cupcake shop, did you turn left or right? I am a HUGE falafel fan. I get them at this amazing place in Amman, Jordan where apparently the King himself goes dressed incognito so he can have the best falafels in town and rub shoulders with the common peeps.

  8. Ok, I am also outing myself today: dear world wide web, I hate cupcakes. They don’t taste anything. They are just sweet. I love calories. But only if they come with taste!
    And dear foodie in Berlin, since you asked for a German to invite you over for tea and a German dessert: Just let me know and we can arrange some German calorie-bomb that tastes something!

  9. Katharina says:

    I like cupcake! Of course I prefer french patisserie, but some cupcakes a really delicious! I tried yesterday a recipe from Jane Hornby from the book “I know what to cook and how to cook”. Wow! A dream! Almost french patisserie. :-) And pretty!

  10. leigh says:

    They sell a really good brownie! In fact, it is so good I’ve been on a quest to find an equally good brownie in Berlin (including from my own kitchen), and so far I’ve failed. They’re not too dense, not too fluffy, and have a nice hint of tofee flavour. They’re great! Definitely give them a try next time you’re in that part of town.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Well, I don’t like cupcakes either so shame on me. I’ve been to this café and find it charming but like you, I wish there were other cakes available. Let’s meet up some time for a cupcake free coffee session.

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