Due Forni, Pizza, Prenzlauer Berg

I have 10 drafts of posts on file. I haven’t posted them because they are all negative reviews and I’m thinking you must be all getting fed up with me moaning and groaning about the sad state of affairs that the food scene finds itself in.  But then I think, well I’ve wasted my money there so I should tell you, after all; forewarned is forearmed (don’t ask me why I have all these sayings squirlled up in my head, I seem to only be able to think with the profundity of a fortune cookie).  Then again I think, Oof you need a break, you need to hear something good, a light at the end of the tunnel (there I go again).

Did I mention I am a Libra?  It takes me eons to make decision.  You should see me in the canned tomato isle.  (At least here in Germany I save time shopping because there is so little choice.)

Ahem, so yes, decision made, this post - something positive: good pizza in Berlin.  I am by no means a pizza geek like my friend over at LNDEATSNYC (on his tip, I once drove to Brixton to try the “amazing” sourdough at Franco Manca, it was very good and very far away).  But I like a good pizza every couple of months, preferably washed down with a not too sweet Italian lemonade (which at Due Forni is called Lemon Soda).

And when pizza time comes round again, I like to go to Due Forni.  My esteemed blogger colleagues; Luisa over at Berlin on a Platter and Margue at 13 Desserts told me I should visit their sister restaurant in Kreuzberg (Casolare) but I always end up at Due Forni because it’s so much closer.  The place itself is punky and grungy, yellow sponged walls, loud rock music and sparrows swooping over your head (yes, indoors). It was hard to make out what the girl serving us was saying because she had so many piercings in her lips it was impending her speech.  And don’t expect fast or friendly service because you probably won’t get it, but that seems to be part of their branding.  
I prefer to go for lunch, when it’s not too busy and not too loud.  Take care when ordering because some pizza combinations are spot on while others run towards dodgy; globs of Philadelphia cream cheese anyone?

Oh and in the summer, you can sit outside…

Due Forni
Schönhauser Allee 12
10119 Berlin, Germany
030 44017333

I couldn’t find any blogger reviews of this place but these guides all loved it (click on the names and it will take you to the link).
Berlin Unlike
Lonely Planet
Spotted by Locals
Tripadvisor (Great quote from them “bad behaviour is part of their concept”)

16 Responses to Due Forni, Pizza, Prenzlauer Berg

  1. Natalie says:

    Have you been to A Magica? I haven’t but all my friends tell me it’s the best pizza in Berlin. I always go to Due Forni too because it’s right near us. Although, I have to say the service has actually stopped me going for a while. I really hate that “we’re actually too cool to bother serving you” or “we’re going to have a sarcastic tone in our voice the whole time because I am so charasmatic and funny” thing some of the male waiters have going on there. I have found the staff at Casolare much better incidentally. Sorry, rant over!

  2. Sylee says:

    Natalie, yes, A Magica is wonderful! Suzy, we should meet there sometime with the girls — it’s very kid-friendly. (They give the children little bits of dough to knead.)

  3. Katharina says:

    It was one of my favourite place until two years ago. I’ve never been sehr again since them. The health department closed the restaurant temporarily because it had so many flaws. Terrible! Maybe it’s gotten better?
    Here’s an article: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/licht-in-die-schmuddelecken/v_default,1507352.html

  4. Robert says:

    Yeah, they serve good pizza’s at Due Forni. For me it’s really the perfect summer pizza restaurant. Uncomplicated and easy.
    If you want a more classic Italian restaurant try to visit Papa Pane on the Ackerstrasse. The place is packed every night and there is that lively atmosphere you expect in a good restaurant. There’s even a host (wich is not usual in Berlin).

  5. You definitely should try A Magica! I live so close that the place tempts me regularly! The pizza is great, the place is tiny, the crowd is noisy, the pizza baker a huge football fan and a pizza dough thrower. They only do pizzas there but that’s all you want. Thin, crispy, maybe not the very cheapest, but I’d rather pay an extra euro to end up with real quality cheese. In the summer, the 5 tables outside are bitterly fought over!

  6. Natalie says:

    Oh yes, I knew there was another reason we hadn’t been to Due Forni for a while - the health inspectors. Yuk!

  7. Katharina says:

    Just a part of the kitchen is open. They closed the “due forni” immidetly. I’m sorry to write that. But of course everyone earns a second chance. But I’m still shocked by the Details, which the health department published in the Internet.

  8. Tabitha says:

    Il Due Forni is the sister restaurant to Il Cassolare in Kreuzberg. I find the pizza to be excellent in both places. The downsides are the intense crowds and the (usually) completely disinterested — sometimes verging on disdainful — service. Not smiling is fine, but sneering?

  9. LDN Eats NYC says:

    Thanks for the shout out….as you can tell i have been as lazy reading your posts as I have been writing my blog.
    I have almost decided i am going to open a pizza place, dont know where and dont know when but it will be kick ass and the staff will be friendly….or else……cant stand attitude.

  10. Pizza guide says:

    Hmmmmmmm so yummy…hahaha……really liked the content posted over here.Good job.

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