Cahoona, Drive - In Coffee, Kreuzberg

From 1st to 2nd grade, I lived in communist Bucharest.  The worst part of communism for a 5-year-old?  No cartoons.  Although we had a VCR, my sister and I only had two videos to watch. One was a documentary about Elvis Presley that demonized the Beatles for contributing to his early demise (to this day, I don’t like the Beatles). The other was a cartoon called Danger Mouse. A show about a supermouse secret agent, with a hamster side kick that battled evil forces from their headquarters - a red post box. In one particular episode, The Bad Luck Eye and the Little Yellow God, everything turns topsy turvy.

The Cahoona Drive In Coffee kiosk looks like it could be part of the set of that episode.  At the end of Freidrichstrasse, turn left and there it is.  The first time I drove up to it, it was dead of winter, the window swooshed open and a chirpy voice said, “Aloha!”  Hands down, the most surreal thing I have ever experienced.

They have snacks and sandwiches, which I have never been the least bit tempted to try, and coffee of course.  The coffee is fine, not good enough for a detour.  But driving up to that window and having someone belt out “Aloha” with a Cheshire cat grin, is bonkers and totally worth a detour.

Cahoona Coffee
Liepziger Strasse 12

12 Responses to Cahoona, Drive - In Coffee, Kreuzberg

  1. Ana says:

    oh wow, I feel a bit ridiculous to say that I feel like we just totally bonded: I too spent 1st and 2nd grade in Bucharest!! And had a VCR with way too few videos! That’s why I can still sing along to all the songs in Disney’s Snow White and do impromptu recaps of quite a few Donald and Pluto cartoons.

    • We went to Disney World once and my sister and I totally freaked out when Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse greeted us when we got off the plane.
      I think in a way we were lucky, we literally played with sticks and stones so toys and candy when we did come across them were 1’000 times better than for ‘normal’ kids.

      • Ana says:

        totally agree. though I developed a major sweet tooth and coca cola addiction once we got to “the West”…yet still refused to touch Kiwis since I was convinced that they were really potatoes.

  2. Sasa says:

    Drive through in Berlin! How bizarre.

  3. LDN Eats NYC says:

    Wow, I too dislike the Beatles (most over rated band ever) but love Danger mouse, even more so when i look back at it now and realise how ridiculous the plot lines were.
    Have you checked out…..thats a mouse i can relate to…..x

  4. Giulia says:

    I dislike Elvis but don’t mind the Beatles - a drive through in Berlin is just odd. We got our first drive through Starbucks in Ottawa about 4 years ago.

  5. Marguerite says:

    I’ve always wanted to try out the place, but never been in need for a coffee when I drove by! It’s been there for as long as I can remember, too.

  6. Julia says:

    Would love to try the aloha experience! Could you give directions? That address (Leipiger Straße 12) can’t be right - it’s neither Kreuzberg nor the end of Friedrichstraße.

  7. Julia says:

    Really? Ok :-) Will check it out!

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