Koriat, Cake Manufacture, Neukölln

In London, I used to have a folder of clippings from newspapers, places that had opened and I wanted to go to.

Here, I try to buy the Tip Berlin every so often to keep abreast with what’s going down in town. It quickly disheartens me because I realize that my German is nowhere near good enough to ‘scan’ a page and pick out what might be interesting. And also because there are no AA Gills, Jay Rayners and Fay Maschlers shooting from the hip and telling me like it is.

Thus lacking in insight of others, I usually find a point of interest and then slowly navigate the streets surrounding it, looking for somewhere interesting to eat.

That was more or less the plan until I found the Berlin Unlike iPhone application.  It’s a silly price, €1.99 or something like that and I just love it.  My favourite button is called “around you” .  You tap on it, it locates you and then tells you what is worth seeking out around you at a distance of 0.5 km, o.7 km and so on.  Being me, I always narrow it down to “food”.

That’s how I found Koriat.

We arrived there on a Sunday to find a line of people curling around the shop front and onto the street.  First time I have seen people queuing for food in Berlin.  (Well sometimes people wait here but it seems to be more because shops are understaffed)

Inside, there are two bar stools in the window.  There is an enormous vitrine full of elaborate looking cakes.  Unfortunately, most are unlabeled so you are forced to point at them and ask one by one what they are, until you give in and choose one because of the impatient shuffling behind you.  Next door there is a small square room, with cake pans lined up neatly on the wall, 5 apiece and a solitary man shooting about decisively.  He seems to be a one man show.

They are nice cakes, not my kind of cakes but I can appreciate the work that goes into making them.  They are sweet, tend to have a lot of icing, or cream and come in enormous portions (the last point, I am aware, is something you have to do to be successful in Berlin).  Still, I have been there around 3 times because it’s wonderful to snag one of the brightly coloured outside tables, share a piece of cake and do some people watching.

Pannierstrasse 29
12047 Neukölln
+ 030 2887 9179

Afterwards, we bumped into someone who has a flat at the Car Loft.  We enthusiasticly bounced up and down on our tippy toes saying “Please Please give us a tour!”  And our wish was granted.

2 Responses to Koriat, Cake Manufacture, Neukölln

  1. The Koriat is also on my explorations-to-do-list. As far as I know, the owner (and cake manufacturer) is Aviv Koriat from Israel.

  2. Yep, that’s what it says in the Berlin Unlike write up.
    It’s a fun shop.

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