Kadó, Liquorice Shop, Kreuzberg

Liquorice.  In my head, people who eat it are a certain height (tall) and a certain complexion (pale).  Maybe because my dutch friend in highschool used to go gaga for the stuff (Ooo, can I say that now or is it trademarked?).  She’d be scrounging around in that bag like there was a gold coin at the bottom.  Intrigued, I would say “Hey Dutch girl!  Can you hear me up there? Pass the bag would you?”  Then I would pull out a black candy and take a nibble. Nope. Another. Nope. Until I had made my way through the selection.  ”Why do you eat this stuff anyway?”  I would ask, disgusted.  It must be genetic, this love of liquorice.  It’s a testament to the bijou shop design of Kadó that I was enticed to go in.  I sat awkwardly in the center surveying the two walls of apothecary jars, filled with the black stuff.  It didn’t take Layla long to cotton on; “This is Candy!  Mommy it’s candy!”  Yeah babe, but not as you know it.  I bought a large raspberry gummy candy, the size of a 2 Euro coin for Layla and a bag full of ‘beginners’ liquorice for me.  It was all weighed on old-fashioned scales.  The total is punched into an antique till, where you have to crank the lever on the side until it goes “cha ching!” (How perfectly perfect!)There were a lot of people in Kadó, staff and customers.  Unexpected in a city where quite a few restaurants run with one chef in the kitchen, one waiter out front or where popular coffee shops have one barista.  People filed in and out while I mused over the pretty packaging and whenever it would get crowded, yet another member of staff would come out of the back to help serve.  A lot of the customers were men, odd since apparently it lowers testosterone levels or maybe that’s why they are there….(“I don’t know why you aren’t pregnant yet? I’ve heard it has something to do with radio waves from mobile phones.” he says as he eats another handful of the black stuff.)Kadó has stands at Kollwitz, Winterfeldplatz and Hackesher Markets on the weekends but I urge you to visit their pretty shop in Kreuzberg. 

Graefestrasse 20
Kreuzberg 10967
T. 030 69 04 16 38
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9:30 - 18:30 | Saturday 9:30 - 15:30

12 Responses to Kadó, Liquorice Shop, Kreuzberg

  1. James says:

    Oh SNAP!
    We were in there yesterday, maybe we just missed you!
    Zo’s not a lakritz fan either but I *love* the stuff. our post should be up shortly!

  2. Giulia says:

    how did you like the beginner selection? I very much dislike it in every shape or form…

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  4. James says:

    …and here’s what we thought.
    Got a mouthful of their liquorice right now nomnomnom

  5. kickpleat says:

    That is the cutest store!! My husband would have loved this shop if we had found it when we were last in Berlin. Bookmarking for any future liquorice crawl!

  6. Sylee says:

    Yay, I love this place! So happy to see it here. I like the beginners’ ones the best too but my friend James makes me bring a tub of the salty stuff every time I visit him in New York.

  7. joshuafagans says:

    Wow, a shop just for licorice how amazing!

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