Happy New Year from Miami!

We didn’t have any New Year’s plans at all, in fact I had been planning to regal myself with trips to Lidl (sad but true). When my father rang to ask us if we wanted to join him in Miami, I felt like I had won the lottery! 10 days in the sun? Trading pork and potatoes for seafood and fresh fruit? Yes please!

6 days later, 4 days to go and I realize that Miami is like the Yang to Berlin’s Ying. It’s all about consumption and choice here, whereas Berlin is austere and prides itself on being frugal.

My husband and I were stuck at a train crossing for over half an hour yesterday and we both remarked that; had we been in Berlin, everyone would have been conscientious enough to turn their engines off and inevitably there would be someone reprimanding those who hadn’t done so.

It’s the food scene that fascinates me the most (of course! right?).  Tables are typically turned at 45 minutes intervals and people eat all day long, which means restaurants are money-making businesses over here.  Sure the majority of them serve what can only be described as embellished junk food but there are a lot of great concepts as well.

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Travels With My Fork Supper Club - Berlin

I went to my first supper club last weekend! Hosted by Mel and Kelsie of Travels with My Fork.  I took along a couple of visiting friends.  They whole car ride over they kept asking me about the concept?

  • Why do people do this? Different reasons, some are practicing before setting up their own business, some had a restaurant and don’t want the pressure or the hours but want to go on cooking, some people do it to make friends.
  • Why do you want to go? Curiosity.  It may have killed the cat but I have it on good authority that satisfaction brought it back!
  • Do you have to invite them to your house? Nope! You pay a donation to participate in their evening.  In this case the suggested donation was €40 a head.
  • Is the food safe? This of course varies depending on the supper club. TWMF used excellent sources for their ingredients and Mel not only went to cooking school but used to make lunch in a Cafe.
  • Is this an elaborate scheme to murder people and throw their bodies in the river? Hopefully not! Research the place you are going to first.  Usually there will be reviews on blogs, media or check them out on Twitter. Read more of this post

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