Kochhaus (Shopping by meal), Schöneberg

A friend of mine told me about this place. “You’ll love it! It’s so your thing!”  I wasn’t entirely convinced but it sure was pretty from the images I saw on the internet.

Its looks don’t disappoint.  Kochhaus has a wonderful round fronted corner site, with large windows all the way around.  The palette is black and beige with fun clusters of table lights poking out of the ceiling and walls.  
I made the most of the sunny bar and ordered a lentil soup (€3.90 for about 1/2 a kg’s worth) it was nice enough, although heavy on the vinegar.  They were doing a roaring trade while I was there, most people seemed to be shopping for two.

I must admit to being surprised to find something like this in Berlin. It’s so slick, thoroughly thought out and branded.  Normally things that open up here are more “this is my first venture on my own and I am still working out the merchandising, service, and am only open from 11am to 6pm on Tuesdays - Fridays.”  No, Kochhaus is something I would expect to come across in London.  In fact there was something along those lines in one of the train stations, where you would buy all the ingredients raw and then make it yourself at home.  It went bankrupt pretty quickly, probably because it’s easy and cheap to eat out in London (Hello Wagamama for a tenner?) or pick up some pretty decent ready or almost ready meal at Marks & Spencer or Waitrose. Read more of this post


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