KPM, Porcelain Manufacture, Tiergarten

You many not find the best food in Berlin (yet) but you can certainly find the plates.

KPM is a Berlin based manufacturer.  A KPM piece is instantly recognizable by its delicate composition, the blue sceptre logo and prices that will make coffee (or whatever you are drinking) shoot out of your nose.  Yes, to quote the rude blond shop assistant in Pretty Woman “it’s very expensive”.  This is the antithesis of globalization and how everything is made in China (or these days,Vietnam).  German, with a tradition going back 250 years, KPM boasts 7 Kings as proprietors.

I did a double take when I saw the prime piece of real estate the KPM factory was sitting on.  With the development fever that is typical of Berlin, I would have assumed that the whole operation would have been moved to the suburbs and this location been transformed into lofts and penthouses. Read more of this post


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