Christmas Lunch


Cocktail: Snowballs (made by my sister)
Turkey stuffed with lemon parsley butter (Gordon Ramsay, BBC Good Food)
Bread Sauce (Delia)
Cranberry Chutney (The British Larder Blog)
Cranberry, apple sauce (Gordon Ramsay, BBC Good Food)
Stove top carrots (Orangette Blog)
Wok fried Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts & Mirrin(Got the idea to side step the parboiling and go for searing heat instead from Heston Blumenthal, Waitrose Magazine but my recipe)
Garlic and Rosemary Roast Potatoes
Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing with Sourdough (tweaked a recipe from Epicurious)
Nut Loaf (made by my mother in law)
Sour Cherry Linzer Tart (Sur la Table)
Chocolate & Pear Clafoutis (Elle a Table)

Proud to say, Christmas lunch went off without a hitch.

I said lunch would be served at 4 pm and everything was on the table at 3:45. And it was all still warm. Read more of this post

Sour Cherry Linzer Tart

It has started snowing in Berlin. The biting cold and early evenings mean I am spending a lot of time indoors, flexing my baking muscles.  Cindy Mushet‘s Sur la table - The Art & Soul of Baking is becoming a serious contender for my favourite baking book.  Even thought it’s an American publication.

I like the North American creative approach to all things baking related, but I can’t stand cup measurements or butter measurements given in spoons.  I have been told that in the US, spoons are labeled on the butter packet but in Europe I have to google “spoon into grams” every time.  And cups?  Baking is an exact science, measuring things in cups is clumsy and messy.

Mushet is aware of all this and dedicates a fair few pages in the book praising the virtues of measuring out in ounces instead of cups.  I want you to try this tart so I went to the trouble of converting ounces to grams for you. (My conversion is 1 ounce equals 28.35 grams and I round up to the nearest 5 grams.)

This Sour Cherry Linzer Tart is gorgeous to look at, relatively easy to make and oh so yummy. Read more of this post


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