Sometimes I cook, here are the recipes

These are the recipes I have posted on my blog so far.  Click on the link and it will direct you to the original post.










Savoury Baked Goods

2 Responses to Sometimes I cook, here are the recipes

  1. Win Bruhl says:

    I’ve been working with breads for about 8 years and have a lot to learn. I’ve never been successful with sour dough starters but recently was introduced to Baker and Spice: Baking with Passion by Lepard and Whittington.
    I tried Gail Stephens’ San Francisco sourdough starter but seem not to get it to start. I used the recipe from the book and included grapes. Still no visible result.
    Do you have a suggestion that will result in a good starter…I’m anxious to add sour dough breads to my list of regular yeast breads.

    • Hi Win.
      I have made my own starter. I think I used organic raisins.
      Making sourdoughs requires a lot of waiting around, frankly I am too impatient.
      We do have kind of a resident expert here in Berlin. His name is Daniel Rios, he has this blog and he is also on Twitter as @misterrios
      His sourdough is some of the best I have ever tasted. He also gave me some of his starter. Which I neglected, sadly.
      Hope that helps you.

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