Best Eats: Berlin

A few words of advice; unless you are eating at The Ritz or The Grill Royal, venues where you will easily be spending €50 + a head, it’s best to have cash as most places will not accept credit cards. Save yourself a lot of frantic running around by being prepared.
Berliners do German and Austrian food really well but struggle a bit with world cuisine.

♥ Means I like.  ♥♥ Means I really like.

Cafes & Delis
Aunt Benny’s-  Good coffee, bagels, baked goods. Oderstr. 7 / Entrance on Jessnerstrasse, Friedrichshain.   (
Barcomi, Cake, bagels and long lattes. Sophienstraße 21, Mitte 10178  -  (
♥♥Brot und Butter - Wonderful deli attached to the Manufactum store. Hardenbergstrasse 4-5, Charlottenburg.
Brot und Öl, Fantastic sourdough! Gneisenaustr. 58, Kreuzberg 10961
Companion Coffee  – Third Wave Coffee.  In the Voo store, Oranien Str. 24, Kreuzberg.
Coledampf’s & Companies – Kitchen store and cafe – Prinzenstrasse 85d, Kreuzberg
Du Bonheur – Excellent patisserie with perfect caneles.  Brunnenstr. 39, 10115 Mitte. (Facebook Page)
Kaffeemitte, (Coffee & freshly made sandwiches) – Weinmeisterstraße 9, 10178, Mitte
♥♥Meierei, Alpine deli, seasonal food, well made, knowledgeable staff.Kollwitzstraße 42, Prenzlauer Berg ( -
♥♥Nazuna (Japanese Deli), Danziger Str 65, Prenzlauerberg 10435, T. 030 68 07 50 43, (
Hudson’s Cakes, British cakes Boppstrasse 1, Kreuzberg, (
Oslo Kaffe Bar – Coffee bar with some special single estate coffees. Eichendorffstrasse 13, Mitte (
♥♥The Barn, Some of the best coffee in Berlin. Auguststraße 58, Mitte 10119 (
The Barn – Roastery - Sophisticated coffee.  Prams, sugar, soya milk – not allowed. Schönhauser Allee 8.  Mitte
Vinos y Mas, Small, nothing fancy but you can enjoy a glass of wine with a plate of cold cuts or cheese. Nollendorfstr. 15, Schöneberg
WestBerlin – Coffee, cakes, magazines and odd chairs. Friedrichstrasse 215, Kreuzberg

Fast Food
Angry Chicken, Greasy fried chicken wings, super spicy or mild. Skalitzer Straße 36, Kreuzberg. (
Big Stuff Smoked BBQAt Markthalle Neun. Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43 – Pücklerstrasse 34, Kreuzberg.
♥Burgermeister, Burgers served in a beautiful disused, Prussian styled bathroom, in the arches underneath the train tracks.  A very ‘Berlin’ experience. Oberbaumstraße 8, Kreuzberg. (
Cocolo – Ramen shop. Next to Kuchi, Gipsstr. 3, Mitte
Cocoro - Japanese cafe serving hot food, pastries and lots of things with Matcha green tea. Mehringdamm 64, Kreuzberg.
Curry 36, If you are going to do the whole curry wurst thing you might as well do it here. Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg
♥Dolores, Big, burritos, served quickly. Rosa-Luxemburg-str. 7, Mitte.  (
Hamburger Heaven, Good burgers with some superlative hand cut fries. Graefestraße 93,10967, Kreuzberg.
Sabzi – Cheap Persian food, lunch only. Luisenstr 15, Mitte

Buschmann & Winkelmann – Blueberry picking and large children’s playground.
Hofcafé - Garden cafe outside Berlin.  Chausseestraße 15a, 14109 Wannsee, (
Hokey Pokey - Very good ice cream.  Stargarder Strasse 73, 10437, Prenzlauer Berg
Neumann’s Pick Your Own & Farm Shop – Raspberries, plums, apples to pick yourself along with a small farm shop.
Soho House, The food can be incredible (70% of the time) and pretty average the rest but it’s a great space with comfy sofas, wonderful roof top terrace in the summer and you can spend a whole Sunday there easily (we often do).  Torstraße 1, Prenzlauer berg
The Thai Market- Outdoor Food. Preußenpark

Al Contadino Sotto Le Stelle – The people that work here are passionate about their food.  Some atypical good value lunch menus.  Auguststraße 36, 10119, Mitte.  
Aroma- Dim Sum and chinese food. Kantstraße 35, Charlottenburg.
♥♥Bandol sur Mer (Berlin Unlike Link) Torstraße 167, 10115, Mitte
Da Baffi – Italian Food.  Nazarethkirchstraße 41, 13347 Wedding.
E.T.A Hoffman, Yorckstraße 83, 10965 Kreuzberg.
Kushinoya – Japanese, Fried food on a stick. Bleibtreustrasse 6, Charlottenburg. (
Glass- Contemporary food.  Uhlandstrasse 195, 10623 Charlottenburg (
La Soupe Populaire – Rotating Menu by Tim Raue in a former brewery that is now a gallery.  Bötzow Brewery, Prenzlauer Allee 242, Prenzlauerberg (close to Soho House)
Lutter & Wegner – Decent Austrian food, old school ambiance.  Charlottenstraße 56, 10117 (
Noto, Torstrasse 173, 10117 Mitte, (
Ottenthal- Best schnitzel in town, no contest. I would advise you to reserve.  Kantstraße 153, 10623. (
♥♥Reinstoff, Gorgeous 1 2 Michelin starred restaurant with fabulous food. Edison Hofe, Schlegelstrasse 26C, Mitte. (
♥Renger-Patzch, Seasonal German food, stark bistro style, good service, delicious food!  Wartburgstraße 54, Schöneberg 10823 (
SasayaThe Japanese restaurant in Berlin. Lychener Straße 50, 10437 Prenzlauerberg (
Schwarzwaldstuben Swabian Food – Tucholskystraße 48 10117, Mitte
♥Tim Raue 1 2 Michelin Star Asian Food by the former chef of Uma Rudi-Dutschke-str. 26, Kreuzberg, 10969
Volver, Spanish tapas, nothing fancy, run by a couple, our local.  Luisenstraße 41, Mitte (
3 Minutes sur Mer! – New addition from the Bandol sur Mer crowd.  Torstr. 166 (Bergstr.), Mitte.

Shops & Markets
Asia Mekong, Asian grocery store, Hackesher Markt.  Henriette-Herz-Platz 1, Mitte 10178 (
♥♥Boxhagener Platz Market – Saturday Food Market, Friedrichshain
♥♥Frische Paradies, Gourmet food shop / cash and carry.  Morsestrasse 2, Prenzlauer Berg 10587 (
Kadó, Bijou liquorice shop.  Graefestrasse 20, Kreuzberg 10967 (
♥♥Ka De We, Department Store, Schöneberg – Two huge floors of food (expensive)!  Tauentzienstraße 21-24, Charlottenburg 10789.
Kochtail Kitchen and Cocktail kit shop.  Invalidenstraße 150,10115, Mitte.
Manufactum, Expensive but beautiful shop with a small collection of highly coveted items.  Hardenbergstrasse 4-5, Charlottenburg 10623 (
Marheineke – Market Hall. Marheinekeplatz/Bergmannstraße,10961, Kreuzberg
Mitte Meer,  Closed.  (Try the branch in Charlottenburg which is nowhere near as big or charming as this one was.) Mediterranean cash and carry.  Invalidenstr. 50-51, Mitte 10557 (
♥♥Markthalle Neun – The closest thing you will get to Borough Market in Berlin, very trendy.  Eisenbahnstraße 42, Kreuzberg.
♥♥Rogacki, Fantastic old-fashioned deli – it’s huge!  Great source for fresh and smoked fish along with poultry and meats.  Wilmersdorfer Straße 145, Charlottenburg 10585 (
♥Vinh Loi, Chinese supermarkets, you will find everything you need here and it’s 2 minutes from KaDeWe.  Rheinstraße 45, 12161 Berlin (
Winterfeldtplatz Market, Schöneberg – Big outdoor market selling fruits, vegetables and the usual.  My favorite stand here is Steckerfisch.

42 Responses to Best Eats: Berlin

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  2. Oh, this blog is so fun to see! I lived in Berling (then West) from 1986-1988…my last two years of high school. I left for college and my parents stayed another two years. I hadn’t been back since they moved away until this last February…and it was AMAZING to see the city with my husband…and to see it UNITED as it was meant to be. I look forward to exploring your blog some more! (And am also inspired to blog about my trip – I wasn’t blogging then, but I took notes!!!)

  3. Hi! What a great blog you have here. Can’t believe I only found you now as I was in Berlin a couple of weekends back. I did manage to find Barcomi’s and Ka De We though :)

  4. ebe says:

    I think I just find the holy grail of Berlin dining I am always searching for. These look like absolutely glorious recommendations. Not like there is ever a shortage in Berlin – luckily

  5. Christian says:

    In the Fast Food section. I’m missing Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap…best kebap in town imho

    You can find it exactly near Curry 36. The Long queue on the right side when you face Curry 36. It’s simply amazing. really you should try it

  6. Kirsten says:

    In the shop & market section I’m missing Pesto Dealer Berlin in Charlottenburg – have you been there? It’s amazing. Self-made Pesto in a different way. They are also at the Kollwitzplatz market every saturday. More details:

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  8. Giuseppe says:

    Ciao Ragazzi,
    i would like to recommend you to visit the restaurant pizzeria Mami Camilla. Wonderful hospitality and home made authentic Italian cuisine. I guarantee you will have a wonderful lunch or dinner. Mami Camilla is daughter restaurant of the cooking school and hotel in Sorrento, many products used in the cuisine in Berlin are directly packed from the chef and students of the cooking school in Italy. Come and pay us a visit to update your wonderful blog with such a great tip for your reader.
    Bye Giuseppe

  9. Patrick Steen says:

    I used to live in Neukölln a couple of years ago and in case you aren’t familiar with it, I really recommend Hamy. It’s a vietnamese restaurant with great, well tasting fresh food for only 4,90€ per dish. It’s on Hasenheide just right off the bottom right corner of Hermanplatz.

    • I think I’ve been there. Is it across from a raised u-bahn platform? If it is, I enjoyed it. Only ate there once though so wanted to return before I wrote it up. Thanks for the tip though.

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  18. Ari Katser says:

    The best Donner Kabob I have found in Berlin is at the cr,Torr and Orienburger str,across from the Circus Hotel .

  19. Really recommend Antipodes, especially their salads, coffee and pies. It’s a short walk from Senefelderplatz. Great music to boot.

  20. thaloartist says:

    Here are some interesting place to try while eating in Berlin:

  21. Job says:

    You have an Inspirational Blog Suzy! Keep up the good work :)

  22. Alexandra says:

    Thank god you compiled this list. I have pasted the link into my google drive doc and am bringing it to Berlin on the ipad for quick reference so I never remain hungry. Do you have any recs for a picky vegetarian? I hate vegetarian restaurants :)

    • Ah, now veg is not something Berlin does well. Except for sauerkraut…sometimes. I’ve heard somewhat good things about Lucky Leek but haven’t tried it myself.

      • Alexandra says:

        Hmmm. I had high hopes of survival, having heard good things about Berlin being a modern city. In Vienna even the salad had meat in it… If all else fails I have a kitchen in my swank apartment rental near a market you suggested.

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  24. Ari Katser says:


  25. BJ says:

    Great blog!! You mentioned that Volver is your local – my wife (The Antiques Diva) and I live right around the corner on Marienstrasse. Enjoy the food and thanks again for sharing!

  26. hbgbos says:

    Hi Suzy,

    On sunday, july 28. I will go to Berlin for two weeks. I’m going to stay in JH Berlin International. That is near the Potsdamer Platz. Can you tell me what places i really should visit during my stay?



  27. Thank you for this blogs very informative..
    It sounds like a wonderful place, I am an new yorker myself and I visit Berlin this Christmas. Your article just helped me choose where and what to eat :)

  28. Oh no, I feel this will be added to my eat our way around berlin map, thank you!

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