Suzan TaherMy name is Suzy. I was born in Kuwait and up until my teenage years I spent my time between Bucharest and Athens. I went to University in Paris and like many before me, discovered food.  I spent my 20’s in London where I completed a year-long Food and Wine Diploma at Leiths. Afterwards I worked a short while at Food & Travel Magazine before settling in at Melrose and Morgan for 4 years.

Then came my first child, I moved to Berlin and started the blog Foodie in Berlin to fill in the thousands of food questions I had (which no one seemed to be able to answer).

About Foodie in Berlin…

This website is a collection of posts about where to eat, drink and shop in Berlin.  It was compiled over three years of living and eating in Berlin. In 2012, I moved to Barcelona where I have continued to do more of the same on

Remember, this is my blog and illustrates my likes and dislikes – it is an entirely subjective thing so you may find your taste is entirely different to mine.  I pay for my own meals and try to be discrete about taking pictures.  I don’t want places to know I am reviewing them so as to not skew the experience in any way.

By the way, the tone I am going for most of the time is funny, ironic, light-hearted.  I hope it comes across.

If you would like to get in touch with me, write to me at

All the photos posted on this site belong to me.