Goodbye Berlin

All posts about Barcelona have been moved to: I've moved to Barcelona. Most of you probably already know that. Here you will find archives on my adventures in Berlin spanning three years. Berlin was a wonderful home to me and this website was the best part. I met my three best friends through it. And I became part of a great community of writers, photographers, artists and chefs. In late 2013, my family and I took the decision to move to ...

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Latest Days Out

New! Bite Club, Street Food Party on the Spree

Bite Club

The upcoming Bite Club Berlin has prompted me to do something I've yet to do on Foodie in Berlin - write about something I haven't been to yet.  But I have a feeling... "The way you know about a good melon." It's logical really, think what a success ...

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The Thai Market, Outdoor, Wilmersdorf


Berlin is a city of extremes. On the one hand, you've got bureaucrats, trying to out best each other at making you squirm. Even postal workers are in on it, you should have seen the maniacal happiness in the eyes of the postal worker while I ruffled ...

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Latest Shops Visited

Anna Durkes, Italian Ice Cream, Kreuzberg

Zsa Zsa & Loui

Anna Durkes in Kreuzberg makes gelato.  It's smoother than your average Berlin kugel and creamier, its richness coats the mouth like butter. The shop isn't your average eis laden. With an island of cream painted metal furniture looking like ...

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Paletas, Popsicles, Around Berlin


In London, I spent a good three hours flipping hungrily through the food books that have been published in my absence. While looking through one called "A delicious life - New Food Entrepreneurs" - I came across Paletas, Zeit für Brot, and ART Sucre. ...

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Lava, Delicatessen in Neukölln


The storefront that precedes Lavanderia Vecchia is now home to Lava. A deli with mossy green walls and checkered tiles on the floor. A lone ham and 4 long salamis greet me when I come in. Doilies are pinned to the furniture at random intervals while ...

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