Roast Pumpkin filled with Quinoa, served with Rocket and Pickled Beetroot salad and Tahini drizzle

I met Misterrios at a vegetarian cafe named Die Rebellion des Zimtsterns.  It is a cute cafe, with a fun green wall and big communal table.  I balked at the fact that you could get a warm lunch on a plate for €5!  Mr. Rios looked at me like I was from Mars.  Well I live in Mitte!  And London before that so - yes, I think it is cheap!

It was back when my computer was out of action and he had heroically volunteered to fix it.  So he ordered the pumpkin dish of the day and hunkered down behind my Mac to gently prod it back to life.

Now for a little aside…

Even if I don’t know you very well, I will probably eat food from your plate.  Over the years, I have learned that this drives most people bananas!  I can’t help it though!  Chalk it down to my Middle Eastern upbringing, we share food!  I have since learned that the correct way to approach sticking your fork in someone else’s lunch is to first volunteer they try yours.  The usual response is “No, but would you like to try some of mine?”

Count to 3…

1 Mississippi,

2 Mississippi,

3 Mississippi

…then go for it! Read more of this post

Asian Noodle Salad

Just because the summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to forgo salads.  There are still plenty of options out there.  It’s so easy to fall into the sandwich trap here in Berlin.  Every corner store has a bakery, all you have to do is nip out and buy a “brotchen”, smear on some butter or mayonnaise, some cold cut or other and basta!  Don’t get me wrong, sandwiches can be the bomb!  A BLT with responsibly sourced bacon can totally rock your world but a “woops it’s lunchtime, need fuel” sandwich is depressing! Read more of this post

Carrot, ginger and coriander soup

(My Mac is in the shop getting a new hard drive so apologies in advance for photo quality, layout, etc. This post was written on the iPad which they should rename the iPain-in-the-A**)

It’s undeniably fall in Berlin. The relentless rain is constantly chasing little L and I indoors. People used to ask me how I was able to live in rainy London? The thing is, the weather in London is quite pleasant! It certainly doesn’t make me think that I should have an ark at the ready.

That is so English of me though isn’t it? Complaining about the weather! Read more of this post

Chi Sing

Hubby and I could not disagree more about this place.  I like it and he hates it!

Yesterday evening he took me there as a treat but me made all his grievances clear on the way there - while we were there - and after we had finished eating.

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