Café Einstein Stammhaus, Old Fashioned Coffee & Lunch in a Villa, Tiergarten

There are a few Einstein cafés around Berlin.  Always opt for one of those coffees over Balzac and certainly over Starbucks (Only because I think the coffee is too milky not because I subscribe to the “Starbucks is ruining the world” movement.)

This Einstein is really special.  It’s in an old villa in Tiergarten.  Parts of the ceiling and faux columns are gilded, there are large mirrors set into the walls adding to the feeling of opulence.  The waiters/waitresses  wear black trousers, white shirts and are very polite.  There are even ‘stations’ for them to put down their trays.  It’s all very grown up and reminiscent of a bygone time when everything and everyone was more elegant.  
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Chipps 2, Mostly Vegetarian Food, Mitte CLOSED


They say babies are attracted to ‘good looking’, people with symmetrical features.  I think adults probably are too but it’s not nice to say so.  Similarly, I will admit, that I prefer the places I eat in to be good looking.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t eat bad food in a great dining room and when I was in Vietnam, I had some excellent food in some bleak rooms where I had to squat on tiny plastic stools but still, given the choice, I choose pretty.

Chipps (now there are two) are very attractive, especially the one on Jägerstraße.  The chef from the vegetarian restaurant Cookies & Cream, consulted on the menu.  The staff is nice.  The ingredients, in tall glass cylinders, chilling on ice as you come in, are promising and then of course there is the open kitchen.

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Brunch at Weltempfaenger

What  a mouthful!  I’m not talking about the actual breakfast, just the name of this trendy brunch place in Prenzlauerberg.  It means “world receiver” according to Babel Fish translation services.

We are lucky that we have one extremely “branche” friend here in Berlin (I am using the French colloquial here as our source hails from France).  When my hubby asked where we should go for brunch this morning I piped “How about Anna Blume, I have read about it in my guide books and on Slow Berlin.”  Our fashionable French friend had something else in mind…

We snagged an outside table at Weltempfaenger overlooking the Sunday flea market.  Where we could gawk at the people walking by.  And there was a lot to stare at, believe you me!  Prenzlauerberg is like an amalgamation of Notting Hill (for the cool set), Belsize Park (for the baby aspect) and something that is distinctly Berlin - a combination of ragged clothing, Rolexes and body tattoos. Read more of this post


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