Rewe, Supermarket, Mitte

My neighbor, Dee, told me about this supermarket back in September.  To stop my diatribe on Berlin supermarkets.

Which went something like this:

“What was up with them? Why didn’t they stock lamb?  Where was the fish counter?  Why were all of them, even the upmarket ones, so damned ugly (For your reference, I am holding Waitrose, UK & Wholefoods, US as examples of how beautiful supermarkets can be!)?”

“Have you been to the Rewe on Invalidenstrasse?” she asked, bewildered.

“Er, no…”

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Pan fried fish with baby gem lettuce, spring onions, samphire and wurst

Pan fried dishes are a good thing to know how to make.  They’re fast, beautiful and all those knobs of butter do wonders for the flavour.

I made this for myself, last night after walking for too long in the windy blustery streets of Berlin. Read more of this post

Strawberry fields forever…

I was on a “discover your neighborhood” mission today with little L squirming and whimpering in her buggy (sorry bub but I can’t control the weather).  I found out that there is a Rewe about a 10 min walk from my flat on Chausseestraße, yippee!  Can’t face another visit to Lidl!  I found a bicycle store which means I can get a child seat attached to my bike this weekend and then as I was walking along quite innocently I saw a strawberry stall.  

Karls strawberry stall to be exact. Although, Karl wasn’t there - this smiley young woman was. I bought a kilo 1/2 a kilo of strawberries for  €2.10.  They are monsters, the size of little L’s fist.  Red all the way through.  I am sporting a big stain on my new shirt because we had to try them there and then!  

Not really sure what to make of all of that.  But stumbling on to a strawberry stall in the middle of a congested street has been the high point of my day so far. 


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