Nazuna, Japanese Deli, Prenzlauerberg


Excuse me as I breathe a very audible sigh of relief, that for once, a new place has opened that is not doing some variation of Alpine food, Swabian food or falafel.

I mean finally!

The Japanese Deli: Nazuna, is on Danzingerstrasse.  In a mint ice cream coloured building with speckled walls that make it look like it has perpetual goosebumps.  The tiled walls and floors of the former butcher’s shop have been kept intact with a new addition of a large bar, painted in a thin layer of matt white paint so that you can still see wood blemishes beneath.

Shuffling back and forth behind this space, with a brightly coloured scarf tied around her head, was Tsuki.

Everything in the glass cabinet was laid out with care, like they were of great value.  I ordered a large bento box (€7.50).  (I love bento boxes, they are like an advent calendar except you get to open it all at once. )  Read more of this post

Frische Paradies, Gourmet Food, Prenzlauer Berg

I was remarking to a friend the other day, that although the restaurants in Berlin can be rather hit and miss, the food shops are fantastic, diverse and considerable for such a small population.

I am a self-confessed addict of Mitte Meer, the no frill cash and carry just up the street from me.  But I had wanted to visit Frische Paradies for some time at the recommendation of a serious foodie friend of mine.After 3 days of living it up (culinary speaking) in London, I was ready for a little pick me up.

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Brunch at Weltempfaenger

What  a mouthful!  I’m not talking about the actual breakfast, just the name of this trendy brunch place in Prenzlauerberg.  It means “world receiver” according to Babel Fish translation services.

We are lucky that we have one extremely “branche” friend here in Berlin (I am using the French colloquial here as our source hails from France).  When my hubby asked where we should go for brunch this morning I piped “How about Anna Blume, I have read about it in my guide books and on Slow Berlin.”  Our fashionable French friend had something else in mind…

We snagged an outside table at Weltempfaenger overlooking the Sunday flea market.  Where we could gawk at the people walking by.  And there was a lot to stare at, believe you me!  Prenzlauerberg is like an amalgamation of Notting Hill (for the cool set), Belsize Park (for the baby aspect) and something that is distinctly Berlin - a combination of ragged clothing, Rolexes and body tattoos. Read more of this post


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