Tahini Garlic Chicken Wings from the Moro Cookbook

There was a blog that I enjoyed reading. One day, she wrote something along the lines of - what’s the point of chicken wings, you have to work so hard to get out so little meat?

I un-subscribed.  Because frankly, if we don’t see eye to eye on chicken wings, we just aren’t going to be friends. I’ve got a chicken wing thing you see.  From Melrose & Morgan days when the large Brazilian girl would scream up the stairs “Susy, the chickens are ready my love.”  And I would bound down the stairs happily, find myself the corner to eat,  errant Sutton Hoo* chicken hairs tickling my nose while the rest of the kitchen busied themselves with preparing the chicken pie.That the meat is hard to get is a good point for me.  It awakens all my hunter gatherer instincts as I snarfle through.  There is the optimum ratio of crispy skin to soft meat. (Don’t tell me you don’t eat the skin?!) Plus organic chicken wings are only €5 for 6 (at the bigger Rewe)

I’ve been marinating them in all kinds of things, star anise and hoisin sauce was a delicious option, courtesy of Marcus Wareing’s Nutmeg and Custard but this later incarnation via The Moro Cookbook, is it.

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Chicken in Lemon Syrup with ras el hanout and harissa paste

I am not particularly gifted when it comes to meat cooking. In fact, I would say it’s my weakest area.  Some of the blame for that has to be attributed to the sub-standard meat available to the consumer.  You just need to take one bite of Michy’s Churrasco, and you instantly remember that “oh yeah” - this is what meat should taste like!  But the majority of it is all me.

I have a deft hand with poultry though and no doubt it helps that I have less performance anxiety.

I steer clear of animal during the week, having labeled myself with the moniker “a weekday vegetarian”.  Primarily to reduce my impact on the environment (thereby feeling virtuous) and because I love vegetables and pulses so it’s easy.

A it’s the weekend, I made this great chicken recipe out of Jason Atherton‘s book Maze: the cookbook.  I like this book as it has some truly original recipes including one for chicken poached in 1 kg of butter! (Love that! Don’t you?  And then we wonder how, some, restaurants make everything taste so good?!)  Here, Atherton has us making up a stock syrup, throwing in 5 lemons and a head of garlic poaching the chicken briefly then pan frying it.  The result is the chicken is sweet and spicy with crunchy skin and a fragrant red oil that goes particularly well with some simple green beans. (Although, my all time favourite chicken lemon recipe comes from Maggie Beer and I wrote about it here).  Read more of this post

Halloumi Salad

I am taking German classes at Pro-Log in Schonberg and it’s given me a chance to shop at the Turkish supermarkets.  The one I visit the most is called Oz-Gida.  I love wondering around the aisles and trying to work out what different things are.  I enjoy the “foreign” atmosphere, where the gentlemen weighing the vegetables sport thick mustaches and the check out counter women sometimes wear a hijab.  And everyone smiles big - I like that, it’s so Middle Eastern!  When you check out, you receive plastic bags without having to pay for them.  Although I have already become totally Germanized on that front and always bring my own bags.

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