Asian Noodle Salad

Just because the summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to forgo salads.  There are still plenty of options out there.  It’s so easy to fall into the sandwich trap here in Berlin.  Every corner store has a bakery, all you have to do is nip out and buy a “brotchen”, smear on some butter or mayonnaise, some cold cut or other and basta!  Don’t get me wrong, sandwiches can be the bomb!  A BLT with responsibly sourced bacon can totally rock your world but a “woops it’s lunchtime, need fuel” sandwich is depressing! Read more of this post

Green bean, pepper, walnut and Parmesan salad

The title is the whole salad - minus the dressing.  It’s that easy.  Simplicity is deceptive in this instance because this salad is extremely good.

I know! Stop with the salads already!  Rest assured, winter is slowly creeping up on Berlin.  I am sure it will find a way of circumventing my beloved Autumn and then, when little L and I are going stir crazy between 4 walls.  Then, there will be other things besides salads.  Until then, enjoy the last throes of summer and salads. Read more of this post

Lentil and Beetroot Salad

Credit for this salad (and for many more to come) goes to the wonderful British Deli, Melrose and Morgan.  After I did my diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine, I bounced around the London independent scene, never really finding my place.  I got a little discouraged because I felt as if I had finally found what I loved but it didn’t love me back!

There was a very modern deli in Primrose Hill that I would pass on my way home, so one day I went in there and asked for a job.  I was too insecure to ask for a kitchen job so I ended up working on the shop floor.

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Nicoise Salad

I am a perennial “salad” eater.  Not “salad” as in Eddie Murphy’s (when he was still funny and minced around in a purple leather suit - no joke!) take on women he dated who would say “Oh, I’ll just have a salad and a glass of water.” while their stomach made obscene rumbling noises, then they would say “I don’t know why my stomach is making those noises - it’s so embarrassing.”  And he would sneer “Cause your hungry b***h!”

I mean Salad - capital S.  Ottolenghi type salads.  Served in flat plates.  With different textures to titillated my taste buds.  Seasoned and dressed well.  With a protein or a carb thrown in there to keep me going.  It can take me and hour to get through one of my salads.  More often than not because I make it to serve at least three but it ends up just being me who gobbles it all down.  What?  It’s just a salad!  See how I am making that work for me there? : )

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Ham and cheese summer salad

When I first moved into the flat, around two weeks ago now, I was so disappointed to find that my local supermarket was a Lidl.  I associated Lidl with bad lighting and worse bad ingredients.  I have since found a Rewe about a 15 minute walk away.  But when I find that I am in a pickle because I am short on say…pickles.  I pop down to Lidl, which is literally 1 block down.

It appeals to the hunter gatherer in me because I never know what I will find?  Or where I will find it?  Their fruit and vegetables are spectacularly fresh but the range that they carry is by no means consistent.  What I find one week, I won’t necessarily find the next.

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Ebly salad

I am so pre-occupied these days with trying to unpack, get a mobile phone, clean - generally finally get to the point where I can finally say “That’s it, I am done! Let’s invite some friends round for lunch.” - that I haven’t really been cooking.

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