Marheineke, Market Hall, Kreuzberg

I walked down Mittenwalder Str, wondering if this street really led to the market hall?  It all seemed too residential; a fat cat in a window here an old woman smoking a cigarette there…and then I walked into the bright square, glaring sunshine bouncing up off the cobblestones, a cacophony of  squealing
children, water falling from a great height and general buzz of people soaking up the early summer.

How come no one ever talks about this place?  It’s cute as a button! All urban planned with trees offering shade, fountains and a playground for the children.

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Curry 36

I bet the guy who came up with the idea of a sausage slathered in ketchup with an obscene amount of curry powder was stoned sky high at the time.  He probably had the munchies and it was all he had in his fridge.  I can imagine that.

That there are a whole host of sober people in Berlin that seek this food out on a daily basis – now that is harder to swallow! Read more of this post


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