Bobo Q, Bubble Tea, Charlottenburg

I first tried Bubble Tea in Vietnam and Thailand, 10 years ago.  It was all the rage, everyone was slurping them up through fat straws.  Upon my return to London I was surprised to find that this drink was readily available in China town.

To me the appeal of bubble tea is it’s inherently funny.  I can’t imagine being upset and drinking bubble tea.  It’s a bit like trying to be angry and then getting the hiccups, it doesn’t work because it’s all too comic.  There you are, sipping a milky taro tea through a fat straw and then bloop, a tapioca ball.  Bloop, bloop, bloop!  3 more. Read more of this post

Coconut Tapioca with Raspberries

A lot of people dislike tapioca. Something about texture, or boarding schools. Growing up in Kuwait, then Bucharest and finally Athens: I came across tapioca in my twenties and I instantly loved it.  I like the bouncy texture.  The best part is how easy it is to make and how attractive it can look spooned into a Wecks jar with some fruit on top.  Fresh, sweet mango would be a perfect topping,  but being February in Berlin there aren’t any good specimens about.  Frozen raspberries with icing sugar and Yuzu juice (or lemon juice, I have a bottle of Yuzu I brought back from Miami) is equally delicious.

I almost feel silly giving you a recipe for this because it’s so easy - but here goes.

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