Brunch at Weltempfaenger

What  a mouthful!  I’m not talking about the actual breakfast, just the name of this trendy brunch place in Prenzlauerberg.  It means “world receiver” according to Babel Fish translation services.

We are lucky that we have one extremely “branche” friend here in Berlin (I am using the French colloquial here as our source hails from France).  When my hubby asked where we should go for brunch this morning I piped “How about Anna Blume, I have read about it in my guide books and on Slow Berlin.”  Our fashionable French friend had something else in mind…

We snagged an outside table at Weltempfaenger overlooking the Sunday flea market.  Where we could gawk at the people walking by.  And there was a lot to stare at, believe you me!  Prenzlauerberg is like an amalgamation of Notting Hill (for the cool set), Belsize Park (for the baby aspect) and something that is distinctly Berlin - a combination of ragged clothing, Rolexes and body tattoos.

Brunch seems paramount to the Berliners so pretty much every eatery out there has a version.  It is important to have a heaped plate of cold cuts, cheeses, olives, fruit - everything but the kitchen sink.  And chives.  Chives feature a lot in Germany don’t they?  We had a breakfast for two that included the aforementioned plate, two eggs and some yogurt with muesli and frozen raspberries on top.

The eggs were hard-boiled for too long and developed that distinctive green ring around the yolk, the fruits and yogurt had been pre-prepared so the yogurt had started to split and underneath what looked like a generous piling of fruit, there was a mound of frozen raspberries (I remind you it’s July) the cold plate itself was good and the bread basket generous and delicious.  The coffees we had were perfectly adequate but no more.

What I find refreshing after London however is that brunch is pretty good value, you don’t have to reserve before hand, you can take your time over breakfast without an anxious waiter hovering over you in an attempt to stress you into vacating the table and just the pace of it all - s l o w.  It is Sunday after all.  So why not take it easy?

Weltempfaenger - Anklamer Strasse 27, 10115 Berlin. 030 44 35 69 81

2 Responses to Brunch at Weltempfaenger

  1. Paul Sullivan says:

    Great review. I’ve been in here a couple of times, it’s always nice and relaxed - food nice enough but I agree - nothing overwhelming…have bookmarked your site!

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