Soho House Berlin - Part 1

I was expecting to dislike the Soho House in Berlin.  The whole “club” thing was very big in London and I used to avoid it like the plague.

I just don’t like being judged!  Who does?  It means someone might deem you less than desirable.  Ouch! Rejection! It’s not fun when you are in kindergarten and it doesn’t get any better the older you get.

Plus who died and made the chick with the clipboard God?

Hubby is a member because he is really cool, in spite of himself – he just can’t help it.  They invited him, I said “No, No! I don’t want to be part of a ‘club’” it’s so elitist, it’s wrong to exclude people”.  He ignored me.

We went for brunch on Sunday.  There were two ping-pong and one foosball table in the lobby.  The ride up to the terrace annoyed me, the elevator was clad in distressed leather and there was graffiti scratched on the doors (intentional? Clearly I am not cool enough to know).

The rooftop terrace has a green tiled infinity pool and ornate white iron chairs with chintzy cushions and pink terry cloth seats.  The view over Berlin is outstanding.  Fellow dinners are incredibly hip.  I am talking accessories here.  And that is just the men!  Seriously - dust off your quirky jewelery for this brunch.  Find your weird glasses - the ones that look like candy canes, they will certainly work here.  There was a man next to me in green trousers and red socks.

English was the only language I heard.  Everybody seemed to be using the word “creative” as they passed around a Mac to illustrate some point or other.  I think if you showed up with a Sony, your membership would be immediately revoked and you would be shown out by two heavies.

If you can get past the fact that it’s a “club” - it’s great.  The staff is all extremely friendly and all speak English (which since I have only had two days of German lessons so far, I love!).  Every single table has someone interesting sitting at it.  If you are into people watching, this is a good place to be.  On Sunday there were a lot of dad’s with tots performing their ritual Sunday “give mommee a breather” duty.

And you know what mommies?  There is a Cowshed spa in the basement.  I burst through the doors with hubby and little L in tow exclaiming “Oh WOW!  Check this place out!”  Before being fixed with death stares by the ladies having their toes painted.  The receptionist addressed me in the tone I was supposed to use and I sheepishly backed out of the spa, menu clutched in my hand.  Those treatment rooms are amazing - I am dying to try them out!

What about the breakfast though?

Freshly pressed orange juice in fun plastic long-stemmed glasses - sweet, fruity, refreshing.  Cappuccino - wanted to spit it out, the foam was full of holes and disappearing steadily before my eyes.  Scrambled eggs, with bacon and toast - good stuff.  Bircher Muesli - enticing to look at but floury and tough to eat.  Mixed reviews really, certainly room to improve but heaps of potential (except with the coffee, that one is hopeless!).

It’s the package that keeps you going back though doesn’t it?  And the “package” at Soho House is hard to beat.

Oh and on the way out, hubby and I played a round of ping-pong - until little L confiscated all the balls.

Soho House Berlin, Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin. T +49 177 4940513

5 Responses to Soho House Berlin - Part 1

  1. Lazaro says:

    Glad I found your interesting and well-written post. Look forward to following your here.


  2. Thanks Lazaro! I really like your blog too!

  3. Hilarious! Love your reviews and blog. Keep up the great work :)

    • Thanks! I have figured out a few Soho tricks in subsequent visits.
      1. Ask for a one shot coffee - that way you can actually drink it.
      2. Avoid the porridge, crepes with Nutella, a lot of the breakfast options actually.
      3. Scrambled eggs are good, bacon is good, eggs Benedict (never quite runny enough on the inside)
      4. If you are of a sensitive nature - avoid staring at the female genitalia that adorn the leaves in the bathrooms.

  4. *heads directly to bathrooms*

    Actually, I’d be interested in hearing about the evening meals there. The couple of lunches I’ve had in the bar have been pretty good and I’ve heard good things about the main restaurant.

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